File Management

As much as I love the OT, I do find the file management a bit awkward. Does anyone have any useful tips?

Is there a way to change the destination folder for saving audio on the fly? I often find myself recording all my loops etc onto my computer and arranging the files there which isn’t ideal.

you can only choose audio pool or set folder from the OT personalise menu

Yeah file management is pretty poor.

I dont think there is one solution for all. It’s taken me months to get to a point that I am more comfortable with. I don’t do anything fancy to be honest and nothing that would help you much but as I don’t tend to use huge numbers of samples in a song (1 bank = 1 song in my set up) but generally I just plan my grouping of samples. ie. track 1 will have slots 1 - 15, track 2 slots 20-35, etc etc. It keeps things just organised enough for me not to lose the rag.

It did help that I sat down and decided to start clean and thought in advance as much as possible what I am trying to do with the OT.