Fill mode for p-locks, or just for trigs?

I’ve had a look around and couldn’t find any posts on this, please refer me to a relevant post / part of the manual I may have accidentally missed if it has already been covered!

I have a couple of hihat trigs that I would like to change parameters for when FILL mode is on. Am I right in thinking though, that FILL, being a trig condition, means I can’t use it for P-locks and FILL only determines whether the trig plays at all (or not)?

And if that’s the case, I’m guessing I’d be better using Scenes? Which is ok, just not ideal for this specific performance.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re right, but…

If you can bear losing a track you can do a workaround.

  • put your hats and “normal” p-locks on one track
  • set all the trigs you wish to modify during the [FILL] to have a Trig Condition of NOT FILL
  • copy the track to its choke-group neighbour
  • you could delete anything you’re not intent on changing from this track, to keep it tidy
  • set up all the fill p-locks
  • set the trig condition for these ones to FILL (or NOT NEIGHBOUR)
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Amazing, thanks! I’ll give that a go now.
That kinda leads me onto another small question actually - are there any circumstances at all where choke-group neighbours don’t choke each other? I thought I’d seen in a Loopop video that it only applied with the synth machines but I think I’m mistaken…

I am not aware.