Finally got an OT in my clutches (kind of) and I have a question!

Hi there! So upon stumbling into my local guitar center I found an OT MKI in fantastic condition and quickly threw it on a layaway. I’ve been DYING to get my hands on one and I finally have one mostly secured.

One question though; will I need my SP404a anymore if I have the OT? Is there any solid reason to keep it?

I originally got it as an FX box for my DT which I no longer have, so it hasn’t been getting a whole lot of use except for the occasional beat making while in bed. I use it occasionally with my Circuit for battery powered beat making on the go, but I really don’t use them as often as I thought I would. I figured the OT could cover most of the FX I’d be using anyways, and I could use the OT to sample and sequence my circuit. But I’m unsure if there’s a compelling reason the keep the 404 now which could help fund the OT if I sold it. Any help/insights appreciated!

TL;DR Is the sp404 worth keeping if I’m getting an OT?

It’s not necessary to keep it but if you like the 404 fx and stuff keep it. I like using two samplers. Nobody needs an OT and an MPC but I really enjoy using them together. Never owned a 404, it’s up to you to decide whether what it does is valuable to you. What I do recommend is get to know OT before deciding to sell it cause you may use the two in ways you can’t anticipate yet


If you like the SP404 the Octatrack only makes it better. The one thing that the SP is missing is a decent sequencer (pattern mode on sp). Sequencing the SP with your OT means that you can trigger pads sequenced by the elektron sequencer. Another way to use it is just as an fx box.

If you never really like the fx sounds or the workflow then I wouldnt keep it.

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I found the very similar Sp 555 super boring. Didn’t especially like fx and no fx midi control.
Bought it for my son. I bought a cheap Mpc 500 instead.

Yeah sequencer is almost inexistant.

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I would say keep it if you like the sound / FX / playing pads…

I got my 303 after I already an OT. Great FX box but as you know different from the 404. I still love triggering samples on it (either manually or from the OT). something about the amp envelopes on that box. Using the mark and loop mid-sample is good fun.

Otherwise don’t keep it. The OT blows it away in abilities.

A crying shame.

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See I almost got an MPC500 to replace the DT as I wanted a portable sequencer, but I’ve heard that the sequencer with such a small screen can be incredibly tedious to work with. Plus finding one I’m decent working order has been tougher than I imagined.

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Yeah I got the 404 just for external FX and triggering stereo samples which the DT lacked but it started to feel a little cumbersome just to incorporate stereo samples. It goes well with my Circuit for now, and once the new Circuit update is available I’ll have a little more control sequencing wise. But at the same time I almost always want more options than either box gives.

Well if that’s all you had the 404 for you won’t need it with an OT.

Alrighty! Thanks for the help! Much appreciated.


I don’t know about the 404 but the sp303 I have has a really raw, dirty, punchy sound to it that I’ve never heard from any other sampler old or new, and I’d never get rid of it. I hardly ever sequence on it but I sample with it all the time still, and use the effects. If I’m watching a movie or listening to music at home I try to keep a line out plugged in to it so if I hear something I might want to use I can quickly switch it on, move the needle or play bar back, and grab a quick sample and transfer it to the computer or another sampler later.

The SP samplers can record to card, too, so you could use it to record long loops that wouldn’t fit in the OTs flex RAM.

Personally I would hang on to it, It’s a bit of a modern classic. I have a few hardware samplers including an OT and an MPC2000 and the sp303 is by far the most immediate one (except maybe for the s612 but that’s so simple it barely qualifies as a sampler) and never feels redundant.

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The 404a/sx doesn’t really have any coloration or grittiness to it on it’s own as it’s a very clean sampler, so the sound isn’t something that really makes me hold on to it. You hit the nail on the head with immediacy though; I can crank out some decent beats very quickly and it’s a very wysiwyg type machine which I appreciate. I’ve got plenty of time before I can pay off the layaway so I can get my needs in order while I wait! Thanks for the response!