Fireface UAX/Apollo twin or SSL Six?

I got Scarlett 2i4 2nd gen and want to replace it with a high-end audio interface.

But couldn’t decide to go with an audio interface or SSL Six Mixer, when I looked at the price range of the products.

I’m going to sell my modular, so money is not the issue. But can consider budget-friendly options (price/performance ratio). Any Recommendation?

I got a couple of synths and a digitakt and also technics sl1200.

SSL Six doesn’t have audio interface, so are you saying that you want to choose between:

  • synths => High-end audio interface => DAW
  • synths => SSL Six mixer

So the question is do you want to stop using DAW? How will you record stuff, or is that not important to you?

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Very subjective, depending on your workflow and routing desires!

But having RME myself, I vote for one of their interfaces. Rock solid drivers, excellent sound quality, the mixer interface is great with many routing options and so on. I actually added a shitty tascam m-216 mixer do get some dirt, noise and an excellent overdrive when i want some colour. I have the UCX, but depending on channels you might want to go for the ufx? Cheers!


I love my babyface pro to bits! The big knob is such an overlooked feature when often working with cans.

Basically, I don’t have enough inputs and want to upgrade my system with better audio interface and AD/DA Converter etc.

When I checked the prices online in local shops and considered the idea of getting rid of DAW, getting a mixer seems a better option.

DAW can be used for only recording(one channel - all in) purposes.

The options are below as you stated.

  • synths => High-end audio interface => DAW
  • synths => SSL Six => my scarlett => DAW

It’s not technical but I’ll also move into a new house in Jan, and thinking to separate my all gears into 2 parts to place it.

The jamming area, and the chilling area where I can place my turntables, vinyl, and my second monitors around tv. They can be both in the same room or not, didn’t decide yet. But that’s a whole different situation. Probably gonna get another budget audio interface if I decide to go with SSL Six. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, if you are happy with recording only master channels, there are many good budget options around £200: Motu M2, SSL 2.

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I have the SiX and very happy with it, atm I’m searching for a better audio-interface. I got the Behringer Uphoria UMC204HD, would de SSL 2 plus be a big step up?
I’m searching for a way to use a interface in conjunction with the SiX. Still don’t know what a good companion would be,

I’m the wrong cat to answer this but I would get an interface with more I/O than the SSL 2+. I have both the SSL SiX and 2+, both great units but the 2+ is limited in and out of the DAW with all the SiX routing options. If I had a redo I’d look at a MOTU ultra lite-MK5

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Ah thanks for your the quick reply :slight_smile:
the MOTU ultra lite-MK5 is on my radar, it small and has enough I/O but, I cant stand that it cost in the US 600$ and in Europe its 750€ thats 900$! 300$ difference, is insane right?!

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That is insane, sorry to hear that.

Yes would be nice to use the D-Sub routing with an audio interface. I just started to go into a DAW, I do like to have more control on the different instruments and tweak them. instead of using only my SiX and only one getting stereo track, with all the synths and drums

For that price for the Motu you’d be better off looking at a higher end interface. The 2+ is really nice affordable option but with only 4 outs it’s a bit cramped coupled with the SiX. Doable though, nothing like limitations to fuel the creativeness. Good luck!

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I don’t think that there is any better option that the MOTU ultra lite-MK5 atm. Its small. brand new and has tons of I/O will look for other models, but its just ridiculous this price difference. The journey continues :slight_smile:

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