Flash card goes read-only mode after uploading samples

This is my second flashcard (and last) that is now in read-only after trying to upload some new samples into it.

The same thing happened with both. I upload some files (correct format wav’s, non-corrupted) through USB, upload finishes fine. I don’t immediately yank off the cable or something. Everything is finished and I EXIT the USB mode.
When I go to sample slot menu to browse the new folder I created for the samples I see the folder but it lead to my main folder that contains the projects and AUDIO folder. This then goes into a loop. Main - AUDIO - New samples - Main - AUDIO - New samples… and so on.

After I connect to computer again, the folder is gone and the card is in read only mode. I’ve found no way of turning it back to write mode. Octatrack cannot format the card.

So this is my last card. All the samples I’ve prepared for a gig next week are outside of my octatrack and I’m running out of time with this bulls**t. Just wanna play my set and not have to deal with the continuous flash card problems. Could there be something wrong with my octa? It bricked one of my flash cards only a month after buying the machine new.

If this means you exit the USB mode on the Octatrack than you are doing it wrong. You need to unmount (safely remove) the drive on the computer, because during the connection the computer is the host/master of the drive.

By correctly unmounting the drive from the computer the computer makes sure that really everything is written to the drive, no data is still hanging around in some cache and the filesystem is correctly updated (== the drive is ready to be handed back to the OT).

Only exiting USB mode on the OT is like pulling the cable which quite likely ends up in a corrupted filesystem.


To echo what is said above …

There’s a big :warning: warning about doing exactly this in the manual …

don’t want to be that guy, but …

# R T :warning: M

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Wow. Well thanks for being that guy! This clears up the problem and I can move on with a bit more confidence.

I did read the manual front to back but clearly this warning didn’t stick. For some reason I figured doing the EXIT is fine.

Sorry for taking your time to answer this obvious question. I just didn’t find anyone with a similar problem.

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Well - It’s 2022 now and Having to RTFM for just sample transfer and connecting this and that in the right order … It says something for the Storage code in that machine if you ask me. I love my Octatrack, but I don’t fully trust the USB/File transfer - I’ve already “bricked” the OT once when the card that came with the device just dies on me. I’ve also “corrupted” projects by being stupid enough to transfer files from an Ipad…

As explained above, the OT has given control over to another device … plus, pretty much everyone knows that pulling any mounted disk without ejecting first will result in a warning or issue

The warning is there for this exact potential issue, highlighting it just explains that this isn’t a random happening

This is probably not an Octatrack thing. The exact same rules/warnings apply for a USB flash drive, of a MicroSD card connected via a card reader or external hard drive/SSD.

The only thing that I can imagine that would make this an Octatrack thing is if the data transfer somehow would be slower through it than using a regular card reader.

With slower transfer speeds all the miscellaneous tasks that are required to keep a filesystem healthy might take longer and would not finish before you yank out the card.

With a device that is faster, these tasks might take less time and if you are lucky they are finished before the device is disconnected.

While we’re all here chatting, I’m thinking about getting another OT and I’m hoping I can transfer samples from my android phone using the OT in disk mode, because I don’t have a computer.

Am I wrong in thinking this is possible?

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Life is too short to remove USB safely, but not for the Octatrack :slight_smile:

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As glennbech noted there can be data corruption when transferring from an iPad so I would be careful. I have no personal experience with tranferring through a mobile device.

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There are devices that offer an option to EXIT the USB mass storage mode and do it correctly. It’s through the experience with those devices I’ve formed a habbit of trusting such an option.

I think instead of EXIT it should say something like FORCE QUIT or something more drastic like that. But at least I’ve learned my lesson again. Octatrack can be a cruel mistress.

Upload fast, die young.

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None can do it “correctly”, because that’s technically not possible when the control of the filesystem is on the other end of the connection. It’s just a matter of chance when corruption happens.

The only possibility would be the usage of a different filesystem which is protected against such corruptions, but sorrily there is none that’s available across all available operating systems (new and old ones).


Maybe just got lucky in the past then :thinking: I am confusion.

I also realized I’ve been merely connecting for backups usually. So after I’ve worked on a live set and saved changes, I just copy it to my laptop just in case. So those instances it doesn’t matter if I disconnect through OT since I didn’t write anything new to the card. So I probably formed the bad habit then. Even to the point that right after reading these messages and saying I’ve learned the lesson, I then only half an hour after went and did the same mistake again. :rofl: Luckily didn’t write anything then so no data was corrupted.

Not sure if android has an eject mode, on IOS the only safe way to do it AFAIK is to shut down the phone, so that it definitely no longer has access to the card, then remove the USB connection.

Some videos about it for Android, like the one below, which may or may not be of use, but for sure don’t just unplug the cable or you will corrupt the card at some point.

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Yeah, my phone definitely does the eject mode. I use it at the minute with my zoom recorder to transfer tracks and it works a treat, haven’t had a single issue with it, so I’m hoping I can get away with it with the OT.

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Yeah should be fine then, just remember to eject before removing the cable or exiting USB mode on OT.


I’m pretty well practiced with it, so should be fine.


Id give elektron support a shout just to double check.


Good idea.