Flickering pads on RYTM

Hey guys… had my RYTM for a few weeks now, glad i took the plunge in the end.

Haven’t gotten around to writing up any impressions for sharing any musical marvels from it yet, though I feel like i’m on a creative high at the moment so maybe that’ll happen sooner rather than later…

Anyway… sometimes after playing with my RYTM for awhile one of the pads, not always the same pad (i think, only happened twice now separated by about a week) will just flicker on and off consistently as though a note was being triggered or the padded was being tapped very lightly, no sounds are actually being triggered, so it doesn’t stop it making music, but it is a bit concerning.
If i switch to something like the mute page all the pads will stay solid green, but if i go back to “normal” then the same pad will still be flickering.

If i switch the unit off and back on again the behaviour stops.

Anyone else experienced anything similar to this?

Thinking of getting in touch with tech support.


Yep, had this too. Sounds like it’s perfectly normal for an anlog machine with a relatively high noise floor to resonate, depending on the settings.

I lodged a ticket with support and here was the reply. Unless you can actually hear anything from the track with the flickering pad then you have nothing to worry about. If you experiment with this settings you can even get them to self actuate if you try hard enough!
It is normal that the machine is a bit noisy since the AR has 8 analog
voices going through:
an analog mixing stage,
an analog distortion,
an analog compressor,
an analog volume pot,
an analog output mixer.

The more, the noisier basically. And with more noise, the more it

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If you press STOP quickly a few times it will kill the sound as well. These flickering pads if you listen really close can be the filter resonating or other weird analog sound that doesn’t stop evolving when the sequencer stops.


hmmmm, i hadn’t thought of it being something like that…
It makes sense that it could be a setting now that you mention it as, in hindsight, the two times it’s happened it’s been during long tweaking sessions where i’ve just been trying to get to know the in’s and out’s of the machine using it stand alone rather than with everything else… so it seems probably now that I probably set something to infinite or a hi rez or something like that…

Thanks team!

yup… i have one beat where this happens constantly

Haha ya I thought this was strange behaviour as well. Didn’t know why the pads flickered. One day I went away from the machine and it started resonating like 15 mins later, that’s how I first noticed this.

Just got mine today and I noticed a pad flickering (BT). Double stop made it stop flickering. Good to know :slight_smile:

Turn your amp decay down a little bit. This happens because your amp envelope isn’t closing.

Double pressing stop is just forcing all your envelopes to reset.

Makes sense. It doesn’t bother me now that I know why it’s happening. Only have a couple of hours into it so far but I’m loving it.