Flight case / rack for 2 x Elektron boxes

Hi guys I seen on a thread somewhere, somebody had a flight case which folded out to 2 x tier rack.

I’m going to be gigging with Octatrack and A4 shortly and wondered if someone could point me in the right direction?

Many thanks


I bought one of these. Great case for Octatrack and Analog Four.

edit : just read your question properly! This is side-by-side but excellent.


Sorry to revive this thread. That flight case is perfect but there is no real description on the website. could you answer a couple of questions for me? Is the lid hinged or does it remove completely? Are you able to perform with them still in the case?

Thanks in advance

No problem.
The lid comes fully off so putting the case on a desktop makes it easy to operate the Machines without having to take them out.
It’s a good case.

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Thank you for the fast reply! One last question, is there room for cables to be left plugged in, or could you modify the foam to accommodate cables? Basically I’m thinking about putting the case on an ultimate apex keyboard stand for live use.

I use mine with either RYTM & Analogue Four or Octatrack & Digitone, always fully wired up. (audio,Midi and power adapters)
When I have the Digitone in there it leaves space for a battery that has 240volt output so I can have both Elektron units plugged in using their power adapters.
The beauty of this flight case for me is that I can have it tucked away in the living room and pull it out when my 1year old twins are sleeping. There is very little time to use the rest of my gear these days.

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Is it possible to post a photo of the setup?

I could only find one pic in the twin case but I’m sure there are more in ‘My Setups’ and ‘My Digitakt Setup’ threads. I used to put up a new pic of my setup every time I took it all apart and reconnected (which I did more than using the gear!) :joy:

Added a couple more variations.


Cool, thanks! The first image is exactly what I was hoping for, but that link you posted is like $275, not sure if I want to throw that much down.

They occasionally pop up second hand for less than £100.
If you were this side of the pond I’d have sold you mine. :man_shrugging:

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