FMR Really Nice Compressor Sidechain

I cannot work out how to connect this side chain feature to my mixing desk, other than to use a mono audio cable and pull it slightly out of the mixer insert and the FMR side chain input. The slightest nudge and it loses connection, so I want to make a proper lead.

I started out thinking a stereo insert cable (both ends) would work but it sends some of the compressed signal back with it, so if youre using a kick drum for side chaining a stereo keyboard, you can hear the keyboard its compressing in in the kickdrum channel.

Can anyone help me understand how to wire this up properly!

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trs stereo to dual mono, I believe that’s the cable you need.

trs stereo to dual mono

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At the moment I have this cable, the stereo end is in the FMR Compressor Sidechain input (half pulled out). I am using one of the mono sockets into the desk, also the jack half pulled out.

It should work

Try the other way around. Can’t remember which end goes into the FMR side chain but that worked for me when I used that setup.

Here’s text from the manual of my Zed R16

"Insert Jack Socket

Standard 1/4” (6.25mm) Jack socket for unbalanced insert send and return signals. Wired Tip=send, Ring=return, Sleeve=Chassis. Nomi- nal level is 0dBu. The insert point is after the 100Hz filter and before the EQ."

This is the correct answer.

Can you AUX send instead?
You want to get a ducking effect with the kick, and if you’re using a mixer insert, that means your problem is that you want your original kick returning, right? But what RNC sends through the sidechain out is the signal from its pair of inputs.

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Exactly thats my problem. I cant use your solution as I am using all the AUX Sends.

The kick gets the side chained keyboard coming back through the insert, or if I push it in all the way the kick cuts out, so I have to pull the lead a little bit out and then the kick can be heard and is being sent to the side chain input.

I just want to make up a lead that stops all these half pulled out jack sockets.

I might be wrong,
But it seems to me your managing a contact that connects the jack to the mixer’s both send and return. That’s some resourceful stuff you’re fixing there managing to use an insert as an aux.

I guess you want to split the signal, something like this:

You connect a ‘dual mono to stereo’ cable to your mixer, the monos going to in and out on the splitter. Then you have more outs that you can use to take the signal to the RNC too.

Still, I would say you should instead be using an aux.

This has really confused me. The problem encountered suggests the manual and panel labels are lying.

The mixer insert has:
tip: send
ring: return

… and the RNC inputs and sidechain all have:
tip: in
ring: out

My expectation would be that all three channels (synth L + R, and kick) would simply need TRS -> TRS from the insert socket of the channel to the appropriate socket on the RNC.

How do you have all three channels hooked up at the moment @8bitBarry ?

I know what you mean.
I am confused as well.
Not using the sidechain function (used to on my MIDAS Venice 160 on Master insert with a split cable and was having no issue feeding an aux send - kick - to the sidechain input).

Where I am confused is the manual states:

All Other Equipment — Hooking up the RNC to gear other than TRS inserts must
be done with a pair of TS (Tip-Sleeve) jacks for each RNC channel. Thus, the full ste-
reo hook-up of an RNC must be done with four TS 1/4’’ cables

I am actually coming out of OT with a pair of TRS going into RNC and coming out with a pair of TS going into my MOTU. No problem at all.

You’re following the “all other equipment” pattern :+1:t2:. The OT outputs are balanced mono, but the RNC inputs are not (they’re insert recievers). So your RNC will get a signal from the tip, and will return a compressed signal down the ring whilst the OT is sending inverted (or maybe if’s ground?) on its ring. So the ring-ring connection is ignored. The RNC wont be trying to do any “un-balancing” with the ring signal, so it’ll work.

The TS out from the RNC to MOTU seems right.

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It actually works so, yes, the manual is a bit confusing.
Especially for someone like me who still does not get the whole TS/TRS thing :slight_smile:

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Would it also work going into an Analog Heat Mk2 (mine is supposed to arrive soon)?
Sorry for deviating your post with my stupid question :pray:

Can’t be bothered to look up the AH manual right now. I assume it has balanced inputs. Whether it does or does not, if you use TS -> TS from RNC Out to AH IN that’ll work.

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Here’s the problem as best I can explain with one hand!

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That’s very weird. It looks like your cables or your RNC inserts are wired opposite to what the decals/manual says. (to me)

What are you using to get the synth sound in and out of the RNC?


TRS side should go into mixer, one of the two TS cables goes into side chain input. Can’t remember if it was ring or tip, but it always worked for me with my Zed14 + RNLA. Use of TRS on the side chain input is for creating a loop to add a filter.

Just standard insert cables from Stagg here in the UK.

Believe it or not the FMR Levelling Amp has just arrived - it exhibits exactly the same issue.

Looks like I’m stuck with this sadly.