Folders arrangement

Hi all,
I have a question about managing samples.

What is better, to create folders with individual BDs, HHs, etc, or make folders of 127 samples of all kinds, mixed, not in particular order?

It’s all personal preference of course, but I prefer folders full of kicks, hhs, etc. That way, when I want a hh, I don’t have to skip through multiple folders to find a suiting one. I want to scroll through a list of hhs.

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i wouldn’t do the 127 samples in a folder this unless you are really strict with yourself and how you write music. you’d basically be setting up the drive to mimics project sample banks and can pigeon hole your writing and sample finding abilities may suffer. personally i set up kicks, snares, hats, piano, drones, etc and the dive around those folders to load up project samples.


do you know roughly how much is packed into the factory stock when it arrives? im just wondering how much space it has on it when it arrives from factory as standard … i know it wont show exactly whats stored on a display as such but it would be nice to know how much space is on there other than the bundled samples.

OK, thanks for replying,

I do just the same way, because my folders are arranged the same way on my PC.

However, watching Cenks’ video where he changes ALL samples, I found that having “blocks” of samples (like 10 kicks and snares in a row) results in a kind of uninteresting pattern because of all the kicks, if I happened to lend on that…

So that’s basically my question, if someone thought of a different system. I realise that making those ~120 samples folders is kind of useless or something?

On the other hand, having a few folders dedicated to something wouldn’t be bad. But for library, definitely dedicated folders.

Cheers :beers:

I think for this you wouldn’t necessarily need to set up all your folders to do a swap all and make it interesting. Maybe one or two specifically for this.
I think the important element is for the folder swap is remembering that the project sample memory relies on the what slots the sample is saved in. First 8 samples load into the 8 tracks of audio automatically

Edit: I’ve notice that the factor project bank is set up so that every handful of sample is like a kit so instead of just a bunch of kick and them a bunch of snares set the project bank like kick, snare, Tom, clap, etc in chunks

Not really sure no. The drum samples were too gentle for what I like to procure, so I almost never use them :). It’s not a whole lot though. Just enough to get you started. And there’s some interesting usable synth samples in there for sure.

My advice would be to carefully select the samples you like to use on the digitakt, rather than just copying the entire kick map of maschine software into the digi for instance. It takes time to listen to each sample and judging if you might like it in a track, but it will make up for it in the future. With that method I think I have about 300 mb of samples on each of my two digitakts and have build over 30 grooves already for my live set. There’s so much you can do even with a single kick sample.

Have fun with it when it arrives :slight_smile: you’ll love it!


Exactly, that’s what I noticed too, and imagine having a dozen or so folders and selecting 1 of each…I’d go crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But anyway I will probably do a special folder or two.

i could definitely see setting up a couple folders specifically to pull off this trick. nothing like a little planned randomness in a live set.

very helpful, cheers buddy! happy digitakting to you!

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