Force Send Digitakt MIDI State

Does anyone know if it’s possible to force the Digitakt to send the state of all of its CCs at once?

Use case:

I recently picked up a Faderfox EC4 to control the Digitakt’s audio parameters and so far it works well. I don’t have two way communication going yet because I’m already using the EC4’s MIDI input to forward a clock from another piece of gear (the EC4 has merge functionality - amazing), but I’m thinking of picking up a MIDI merge box so I can I can have the EC4 and clock going into the Digitakt while having the Digitakt go back out to the EC4 so I can have the two-way parameter communication.

Before going that route I tested that the Digitakt does indeed send audio parameter CCs out by connecting its out to the EC4 and was pleased to see the EC4 controls update when I tweaked them on the Digitakt. So I’m hopeful, but this will all be kind of worthless if there is no way to send all MIDI from Digitakt to EC4 on device boot and when changing patterns. When changing patterns nothing happens :frowning: Wondering if there is some some way to “force send” the device state (similar to Ableton live when you enter MIDI mapping mode, it sends the state of all CC parameters which is a nice workaround for occasions when your controller state and Live are out of sync).

Edit: I’d also be curious if something like this is possible on an Octatrack as I’m contemplating “upgrading” to that (mono samples = what the hell was I thinking).

It is not possible on the Digitakt.

It is possible on the Octatrack, by sending MIDI CC 61 with value 0 to the OT.

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Thanks for the info.