Free Big Sample Pack - ZaBong's Extracted Sounds

Hi all,

I have my Octatrack now for three weeks and enjoying myself far more than expected with this beast.

For the upcoming summer holidays, I have compiled a set of samples intended for the use with Octatrack, but other machines that can use samples might find this useful too.

Download the full pack here

The pack contains more than 270 one shots from Analog Four and Rytm, including short basses and chord stabs. But at the core of the pack are 173 ambient textures, drones and pads, and 126 drum loops.

The content - apart from the one shots - has been generated using various Reaktor ensembles, such as the excellent Done-E and Metaphysical Functions. There is also a set of soundscapes generated with Soundscaper synth on IOS. The drum loops all come from Microtonic. I did not have the time to create all of this myself, Microtonic has a web site “Patternarium” where one can find genetically generated beats. I have sampled and modified some of these and reduced the voices so that they can be more easily combined.

I thought I give it away for free on this forum, as you guys helped me a lot in my three years voyage into electronic music production.

The whole package is about 800 MB, you have been warned. Digitakt and Rytm users may only want the one shots (still 80MB), these can be downloaded here.


very kind of you sir.much appreciated :+1::smiley:

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To get an idea what is waiting for you, here is an impression:

Extraction Demo


You are welcome. Drop a note if you find it usable.


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Reaktor ensembles that helped here greatly:


Metaphysical Function

The drum synth Microtonic and the Patternarium website:

Sonic Charge - Microtonic


The Synthscaper ambient synth on iOS:


Paul Stretch for creating abience sounds from everything:

Paul Stretch

And the Ocenaudio free audio editor:

Oceanaudio Editor


Excellent work @ZaBong, thank you very much for your effort! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. If you made something with it, send me a note, I’d be very interested.

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I will, but it’ll be a few weeks.

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Great Samples in High Quality! Thank you very much!
The Chord and Stab Sounds should be very usefull for me :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Have a look at the drum hits too, I mangled most of the A4 drums and percussion with a sweet 12-bit sampler emulation, see:

RX950 AD/DA emulation

Very nice saturation effect to give that vintage crunch to anything.

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awesome! thanks so much :smile: Will be loading these samples onto my 4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler eurorack module to use within my case!

I was hoping the samples would go around and find themselves in strange places… :wink:

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I forgot: the pack contains stereo and mono noise samples. As I like vinyl noise, but never had a turntable, I used as VST audio effect and sampled it:

Vinyl Strip from Audiothing

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240 downloads for the whole pack so far - ok - but no examples for anybody having used them.

C’mon, show me your tunes :wink:

Soon! :slight_smile:
I am playing a liveset this saturday and have loaded some of your drones into my Digitakt and Analog Rytm. I´ll post the set when it´s done. Thanks for your work and sharing this sample set!

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I very much look forward to it. Just visited your Soundcloud, really liked the Dub Techno stuff, especially Völklinger Strasse.

thanks for sharing, looking forward to load your samples into my Digitakt.

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This is a good solid set of samples. Making sample sets like this takes both time, effort and skill. Thanks again for sharing this for free.

Loving the “Short Chords and Stabs” and the “Short Basses” for my Digitakt. You kept the reverb and delay on a lot of the chords and stabs and that is THE way to go, especially when sampling the A4 where the send fx is a crucial part of the presets/sounds.

The drones and the pads have a lot of stereo spread and different things going on in the separate channels so I don’t want to abuse them by crushing them into mono for use in the Digitakt. (Will end up using these in Reason Grain, Omnisphere and Kontakt on my DAW most likely.)

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Working on it too ! As i’m new to digitakt, taking my time, but will feed back when i have bread coming out of the “heaven” :sunglasses:

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