Free Eventide UltraChannel plugin

Some of you might be interested in this. Eventide are offering their UltraChannel plugin for free until July 8.

You’ll need an iLok account to receive the license, but that’s about the only catch. Software only activation is available if you don’t have an iLok 2 hardware dongle.

Use this code at the URL below to obtain the free license:


(it’s someone else’s code not mine, FWIW)

Some details about the plugin:

UltraChannel Native plug-in
UltraChannel 64-bit dongle-less native plug-in
for AAX64, AU, VST Mac and PC
Micro Pitch from the H8000
Stereo Delays
FlexiPath allows drag and drop reordering the signal path of the top section
5-band Parametric EQ
O-Pressor - the compressor section from the Omnipressor with sidechain
Compressor with sidechain and de-essing
Soft Saturation
Transformer emulation
Gate with sidechain

to get your FREE UltraChannel compliments of Eventide.

Feel free to share this code and link with your friends.


This is looking pretty cool, gonna give it a download.

Just got the mail from Eventide about this this morning. Downloaded it, but haven’t given it a try yet. I have the Omnipressor plug-in though, which is absolutely great on drums – this free plug-in should be worth the iLok hassle just for that bit.

Thanks for the heads up!

Yeah, the O-Pressor module is too funny. I have always wanted to oppress some drums :slight_smile:

Oops, first thing in the morning and didn’t see your original thread here.

Cheers for this. Gonna give this a whirl.