(Free) Jazzy Rootless Chords Sample Pack!

My good friend (and long time music collaborator) has made not only a super nice sample pack of rootless chords but also a robust chord voicing resource for anyone interested in approaching interesting chord voicing.

This pack also includes MIDI data for all chords, so if you make a great progression but want or need a different timbre/sound, just drop the MIDI data in.

The Bandcamp link (above) contains examples of the sample pack by the man himself. The link in the Bandcamp description hosts the sample pack.

If you like it, certainly consider throwing him some change through Bandcamp!

(Artwork by yours truly.)


Is it Christmas?
This is so awesome, very generous of you!


Some very nice coloured chords there! Definitely good inspirational material. Thanks for these!


Hey folks,
I made this pack - TY to my friend Junk Runner for posting it here!

Definitely take a look at the datasheet file first, as it has most of the information that you need to get started. If anyone has questions, comments, etc., I’m happy to discuss them here.

Enjoy the pack and have fun!


Not yet, but I’m glad you feel like it is!

This is great, and educational. Thank you.

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My pleasure & thanks for the kind words.

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Having fun with these samples. Just wanted to share something I made recently. They take center stage.


Very nice! Feels like I’m floating down a calm river in a meadow without a care in the world. Cool that you can evoke that feeling with minor chords!