From 24 to 16 bit

Hi all !

I have to release 5 tracks on a digital label…

they asked me to send them 16 bit but they were mastered @ 24 bit…

Any idea of how I can convert them in the best way?

Is any DAW suitable like Ableton?

thank you


this is a pretty popular conversion tool:

I will checked it out … thank you !!

Is it only for Windows?

I have a MAC :frowning:

Who did the mastering? Might be worth contacting them to give youa 16 bit version of done professionally.

I wrote him already, but was long time ago…

Should Ableton live be enough??

I wouldnt want to, though you could try it and see if you’re happy with the results.

Maybe I will do that… Try and see what’s happening :wink:

I do not rate Voxengo - I mean, it’s OK but it’s nothing great. Downsampling is a complex process, that you can’t just pick a single ‘quality’ variable for, you also have to think about things like windowing functions, dithering and other DSP factors. You also need to think about the sampling frequency, the dynamic range of the material, and the frequency spectrum.

I use Adobe Audition which provides a lot of control over the parameters but there’s no one-size fits all solution (like mastering itself). If you like I could convert one of the tracks for you and you could compare it with the output of a free tool to decide which you prefer better. But 5 tracks, that’s half a day of work and I’d have to charge something.

You could do it in Ableton Live but if you want to do it yourself I suggest you use a dedicated audio editor like Audition, Sound Forge or Wave Lab which is designed for engineering rather than composition.

Just load track by track into a daw or audio editor and export them as audio 16bit/44.1
This can be done even with freeware.

Done it in LIVE 9…

Thanks Anigbrowl :slight_smile: