Future Image - "Arrhythmus"

Hi all!

First post! Some of you may have seen this over at E-U, but this is the last set I performed with the MD and MnM. You can watch it over at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV65dIXMMXs.



Took a listen and really like this set! I particularly liked the parts where you dropped the tempo. could feel the drop coming and it felt like fresh air.

Think my favorite passage is from 32:00 mins to the end!


That was pure dope magic as always man…

Cheers guys! More to come soon :slight_smile:

Good job .

You knocked me within seconds! This is great. Reminds me of Autechre’s Oversteps Live tour performance.

Whats in the rack? (What modules) How do you integrate into Elektron setup?

Thank you so much! Ae are a massive massive influence as you can probably tell haha!

In the rack are:
-MFB triple DCO (now replaced by Mutable Instruments Braids)
-Doepfer state-variable VCF A-121
-Doepfer ADSR envelope generator A-140
-Doepfer MIDI->CV converter A-190-2
-The Harvestman Tyme Sefari + A Sound of Thunder
-Tom Whitwell’s Random Looping Sequencer/Turing Machine
-Thonk AT-AT-AT triple passive attenuator
-TipTop Audio ZDSP

The MD and MnM send triggers (MD via audio, MnM via MIDI) to the modular, triggers go to envelope generator, and then it’s just a case of processing various signals coming from the Elektron boxes as I see fit. I don’t think I touched the MFB DCO throughout this set - found it fairly useless in this environment! The Tyme Sefari and ZDSP are definitely giving the core of what you hear from the modular, with some of the Doepfer VCF chucked in too.