Future of Overbridge? Synth Expansion on a USB Stick

Hi folks,

I found this:

A analog synth on a stick: Trueno
That would be a great idea for an expanison over Overbridge. A USB stick with an Analog four only accessable with Overbrigde plugged in a Overhub.
What do you think?


You can’t fit four analog four voices on a stick.

Also, even though I think this is kinda cute conceptually, I don’t think it makes any sense whatsoever. Plugins have gotten to a point where the analog modeling is indistinguishable from the real thing in almost all cases.


True analog voice have still their own quality. And a high quality analog voice with filter only needs a few squarecentimeters with modern parts (see inside all modern flagship synths)
Combine it with a modern microprocessor and USB in a box and you have a fine analog synth maybe programmable with the interface of an connected Analog four.

Question mark added to title to clear that up.

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Exactly that- there really isn’t a good demographic for this thing! There are the Analog devotees and there are the people that use plug-ins. The people that use plugins are pretty well suited to the modeling being done with their emulators, the Analog devotees wouldn’t be able to use this without hardware.

It’s an interesting concept, but it feels off

Well, actually we have even people which using analog AND plug ins.

I do that all the time :blush:

It reminds me a bit of these: http://www.ploytec.com/pl2/

Not wholly analogue, but still tiny (and good fun).

160€ : Price are good, seem to not have a factory library, the Filter section is poor but maybe sounds very great. it will probably annoys people who already have too much USB Sticks, ilok, syncrosoft and more…

i think that’s a good idea, a tricky concept as some of us here reacted with good arguments…
But why not…

But i do think, we need only few synth (in whatever the form it is) and to learn to use it very well rather to empile synth on top of each other (even if it’s the concept of the home-studio. the vintage collector way) and be lost at some point by the learning curve and time to learn it all

Very true. I’m not sure how much I actually use the Ploytec devices…

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This feels like a reddit type of post.

I started that post because I think that a voice expansion for the Analog Four with that concept could be a good product. A box (not really a stick) with the analog power of a Analog Four only with the power of Overbridge over USB.

if only Apple Macbooks had some USB ports!!! imagine this thing on a USB hub, crackling like a fire in winter :’-(