Future owner questions

Hello all ! :grinning:

i’m (So) interested buying DT, but got many questions, so here somes :

1- what is LFO range in ms & sync (1/64 to 64 “bars” ?)

2- as samples are mono, it’s not an issue to widen/space em ? pan LFO slow sine L/R does it ? any update for stereo samples in future ? or better wait a new Elektron ? i must wait ?

3 what effects there are ?

4- is Octotrack mkII same workflow as OT 1 ? (dont like it…)

5- why u prefer DT of OT ?

6- any chance for an OS update to play MIDI Chords + Scales (Lydian etc…) with one chromatic press soon ?

Thx ! i really like it ! im not interested doing computer music anymore, i need to play (again), im bored of computing…

  1. Delay and reverb, both pretty good but very neutral.

  2. OT2 has some new shortcut buttons, but basically same workflow yeah.

  3. DT is much more immediate and intuitive, really easy and fast to make music with. Only issue is sample management, which is TOTAL SHIT but otherwise it’s a real slick machine. Also midi is a piece of cake, really immediate and the sequencer just makes more sense than on the OT (despite being very similar). Really great sampler if you don’t care about a. longer samples, b. hardcore sample mangling & live sampling or c. song mode.

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hello hostbody & thx for fast reply :slight_smile: ,

3- & per sample/track FX ? bitcrush, filter LP/HP, overdrive… not others ?

4&5- i prefer DT workflow, im right ? i’ll not regret ? OT has 3 LFOs…

7- i was just asking about samples : can you even organise em, transfer to PC <-> DT with full folders access ? (like to my (8) question following) …

8- can u backup ALL on DT ? SD card ? Overbridge standalone? (beatstep pro 2 app ilooks cool for that… what about Overbridge?

9- can u granulate samples/sounds ? <3 … any chance with a future OS update ?

10- will DT replace my computer DAW for long ? or forever ? (i think computer is not playable well (brainwash…) / i think DT will lack feats in future but so good to play… both good…)

11 if they release a DT mkII, ill can migrate projects/samples/stuffs ? i would like to use computer the less possible, just as both local/cloud storage.

12- any “pattern” chain mode ?

  1. right, there’s all of those! i forgot. yeah you can have all effects on per track. i’m a bit fuzzy on the details, someone else with a DT on hand might remember better.

4&5. Completely depends on what you want. If you want a simple yet powerful sampler that’s pretty much designed for drum sounds but is capable of a lot more if you put some effort in, yeah the DT is the one for you. If you want an all around monster sampler & swiss army knife, a sampler workstation for deep mangling & live sampling, the OT is the right one.

  1. No, transfer is done with the Transfer app which sucks. Sample management for the DT sucks. It’s just bad. The OT is much better & shows up as an external hard drive.

  2. No backup of DT that I know of. It sucks.

  3. You can kind of granulate stuff with the LFO on both machines but it’s obviously a lot more versatile on the OT. That said no built in granulate feature on either one.

  4. DT will not replace your DAW, it is much too limited for that. You can make cool tracks with it, but only 64mb sample memory per song is very limited. You can have lots of fun playing with it DAWless, though.

  5. I have no idea.

  6. There is pattern chain, but i’m not familiar with it as I sold my DT before it was introduced. I hear it works pretty well if not as deep as the arranger on OT.

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Welcome to the forum!

Many of your questions can be answered by reading the DT’s manual, always available here:

That would be very unlikely. Out of current Elektron gear, only Octatrack uses stereo samples.


why u not read forum ?

Nobody knows what Elektron will provide in future updates. It’s safer when planning purchases to assume that no new features will be added.

No. A DT is very different from a DAW.

There is no expectation that Elektron will release a DT MkII. All Elektron’s previous transitions to MkII have been backwards compatible to MkI.

Yes, but the chains cannot be saved. You must create them again each time you power up the DT.


4&5- OT mkII lacks Overbridge… maybe a too brutal change for me… + OT1 screen sucks compared to DT’.

8- an OS update possible to show OT as external drive ? has USB right ?

9- AH ! what are LFO destinations ? & u granulate with LFO> sample start ?

12- on OT mkII u can backup all ? how looks the screen compared to OT1 ? workflow is as good as DT ? DT without backup is a big pb for me…

If you want OB then yeaht OT is not right for you. As far as the screen goes, I don’t think there’s much of a difference. DT screen is technically more advanced but I personally don’t find anything wrong the older screens.

No idea about any OS updates, and no one else has either.

You should maybe look at some youtube videos, search for granular digitakt or something. It’s pretty rudimentary, but possible. Don’t hold your breath.

You can back up an OT just by copying the contents of the memory card you’re using. OT2 has the same screen as DT. Workflow is the same os OT1, with some added shortcute buttons. So not like the DT, really. Can’t back up DT yeah, that’s a big one for sure.

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On DT? No.

On OT? No update needed: it already shows up as a USB storage device.

Yes. Just copy the contents of the Compact Flash card to a computer.


thx,… i can sync a standalone VST as MIDI slave of the OT ?

any OT mkII tutorial like shortcuts/feats (gestures) comparaison ? (saw already the 1 hour tuto but for the OT1…)

cool ! i sync OT:// on cloud and voilà ! :grin:

It’s the same device, it just has a few extra shortcut buttons built into the chassis. Those shortcuts used to be func+something on OT1. There’s really not much difference between the two versions of the OT.

Yes, but no OB.


compactFlash shows up if i plug OT to pc via USB ? for direct cloud sync…

Yes, if you have a MIDI interface for your computer (OT does not have MIDI over USB) and the VST supports this function.

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can you mute one of 16 track with single press like in MUTE MODE ?

Per Track FX include bitcrush, overdrive and the filter. Those you would consider insert FX, they only affect that particular track. The aux send effects are Delay and Reverb, any track can use them but they are shared among all the tracks.

So each track can have its own bitcrush settings but each track must share a single delay and its settings (per pattern).

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ye, thx !

So THANK you ALL for great Help !

u know i made my choice :slight_smile:

that totally decided me : i need backup, that’s what changed my choice.

So i will learn more.

have a nice play all on your Elektron ! you’re lucky, i bought a JP-08 last days, really needed it, and so my next buy i hope very sooner will be OTmkII !

Blue screen <3
nice Grey <3

a full studio i meaN… :grinning: