Fyrd MTRX-8

This new device seems like it might connect very well with Elektron gear. It’s basically an 8-step MIDI sequencer with some extra tricks up its sleeve (eg the warp function lets you run sequences forward, backward, ping-pong; there are 16 preset drum patterns for 4 different drums, allowing many rhythm combinations).

I recently acquired a Vermona DRM-1 and have been having fun sequencing that with the OT, but doing so ties up a lot of MIDI tracks which are then not being used to their best ability (the DRM1 is all analog so the only MIDI is responds to is note data, no CC). This seems like it might bridge the gap in an interesting way.

I’ll let you know soon… :slight_smile:

I’m also thinking about buying one. I wish he could put the manual up, but he’s been a bit overwhelmed by the response.

He did!


I got an order in the first batch, and the latest I heard is that it will be arriving by the end of this week. As is the way of things, I’m going to be out of the country until mid-next week…

I am in the first batch aswell, have you gotten yours yet? Last thing I heard was shipping between Sept. 23rd and 27th.

Any feedback on this controller yet?

This looks interesting.

Things like scales and ping pong modes etc would be really fun within the OT.