Gear Fest 2014

Anyone else here going? The schedule says Elektron will have a presentation on Saturday with Devon Hughes. Want to meet up at this?

More info required. Where is this?

It’s at Sweetwater’s headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Chances are I won’t be able to make it since I took time off work earlier in that week for other things. I guess it depends on how my schedule ends up.

Is it just going to be Devon Hughes? I’m not familiar with him. It’d be cool if Dataline were there.

The schedule just lists him (Hughes). I’m not familiar with with the name - is he a known musician or an Elektron staffer? Either way I’m excited to see the AR in person.

Starts tomorrow! Anyone coming?

Caught Devon’s set on Saturday and was suitably impressed, both with his music and the sounds he pulled out of the RYTM and the Analog Keys. I’d like to hear more of his material and told him so. Maybe one of these days!

I got to speak with him quite extensively later in the day and he took me through a rather detailed tour of the RYTM, too. He’s a very nice and knowledgable guy. He also apologized for the delays in shipping and assured me that they are getting them out as fast as they can. I figured as much - I’ve been on the other side of production and know the stress they’re under to deliver. I was just happy to finally get my hands on one, if just for a short while. That said, it’s made it harder to wait as well! :joy:

Did he show you overbridge?