Gear Organizing: To Sell or to Keep?

I recently got a DN and a Rytm MKI to make a really streamlined (DT -> DN -> Rytm) live set up (awesome so far). I might even ditch the mixer (Boss BX-8). I loved the set up, but I’m sick and burned out of breaking down my studio, dragging gear around, and setting it all back up every few months. It take A LOT of joy out of the whole process >_<

This leaves a lot of gear that’s become somewhat redundant for me. I’m curious about what you would sell or keep. I gave my general thought, but would love to hear from anyone else. Maybe there’re some things I haven’t thought of/uses that I hadn’t considered/alternatives that would work better for me.

  • FMR Audio RNC (compressor): Nice, flexible, but maybe not needed? The Rytm seems to have a nice analog compressor.
  • Fostex MN-15 (compressor): Cheap, but unique. Maybe nice to keep for hard parallel compression and sample processing?
  • DSI Evolver (monosynth): 50/50. I love it. It’s flexible. It has CC patch change. It’s also a bit redundant.
  • MFB Nanozwerg (mono synth): 50/50. I love it. I’ve made some of my favorite bass patches. The double speed LFO with the semi-modular patch is very nice and unique. The glide is great.
  • Elektron Analog Keys: I mostly use it as a midi keyboard and occasionally sample chords (which I can do on the DT). A much smaller/cheaper midi keyboard would make it obsolete for my needs.
  • Strymon Deco: Mostly used to tame/saturate my outboard synths (redundant now?). My only other use might be for sample processing.
  • Strymon Blue Sky: Used mostly to stereoize my lead synths (redundant now?). Also, used pretty nicely for transitions in live sets.

I’d really appreciate any feedback! Much appreciated!

I was using the DT for that! You are right though, the FM of the Evolver, matches the DN really well sonically.