Gear to complement the M:S

At times, I am away from home/my mancave/synths for many months in a row due to the nature of my work. M:S made things a bit sweeter being so portable and quite a powerful tool on its own.
But I feel that there is a bit of room left in my luggage.

What other piece of gear complements M:S from your personal experience?


I would consider the Novation Circuit, adds 2 x 6 voice synth parts for super cheap. I pair it with my Digitakt and they complement each other really well sonically. Plus it’s super portable.

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Most definitely a laptop or iPad


I might have missed something. I thought it was 2 synth tracks + 4 drum tracks ? Are the synth tracks actually 6 voice polyphonic ?

Yes, you get two 6 voice synth parts and 4 sample parts. The synth engine is pretty deep, 2 lfo’s, 3 envelopes… you need to use the editor but it’s very well laid out and straight forward. the one thing I will say is that the stock sounds are pretty crap IMO. So you’ll have to spend some time creating your own patches or invest in some sound packs. But for the price it’s pretty much unbeaten.

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An iOS device with camera connection kit. There’s dozens of apps that work well, plus the audio goes back into M:S over USB so no need for a mixer.

…adding something to the m:s means adding quite a bit more than just that something…
m:s can’t host any other signal input…therefore, any synth whatsoever ur adding now will need some kind of summing it up device to give u audible glance on both of them at once…

if u wanna stay ultraportable, but flexible, an ios device is the only thing i could think of…
any other solution is adding up to too many further need for powersupplies, cables and whatnot…

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If I’m not being too silly here, a Korg NTS-1 fits the criteria. Though the keyboard would lead to compromise: Either accept the limitation (and maybe use for arpeggios ?) or assume either an extra keyboard or lose one M:S track to sequence it.

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It depends what you need,

but nowadays I love the trend with ultra small gear…

You can have quite an arsenal that fits most backpacks…

you can have a MS with a MC101 and a Bluebox with tons of room for more gizmos in a regular sized backpack…

I am like you, I am often away from the studio for days sometimes, I am hoping that the Bluebox will be the glue to all these small pieces I ve been gathering…

Time will tell.

If the Bluebox doesnt cut it, it might be time to get a decent laptop and go back to the daw.