Geckotool Robotic Knob Turner

This is a system to remotely turn the knobs on gear that doesn’t already have that sort of control. You physically attach the Geckotool to the potentiometer shaft and it automates setting and changing the position of those pots. Can be applied to many separate rotary controls simultaneously. It’s kinda like those automatic guitar tuner thiingies.

The Geckotool web-site.

Simple enough idea – i’ve kicked it over in my head for a while too, and no doubt other people have done it before. But i like the flexibility this guy has built into his system.

It’s not yet for sale, it looks like it will be available for pre-order in a few weeks.

Do you have some gear you have really wished you could modulate but couldn’t. Do tell.

How about a mixer?

UPDATE: March 2021, fixed link. This is still being sold.


this is definitely very cool!

foot switch control over the lyra-8 would be my first experiment.

now folks can have that second LFO on their rytms and digitakts


Would love to use this to automate knobs on gear in my DAW over MIDI that I can’t do that with currently. Had been kicking around this idea in my head as well, will buy this for sure if the price is right.

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Absolutely! Probaply the first thing I’d try.
But I’d also try automating pedals, preamps, midi controller knobs…



I would also especially love to use this with my Lyra-8.

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Yeah this is ready made for all the purely analog sorts of equipment – and the older stuff too.

I’m in with this too like you labpop … if the price is right.

lmao, now if only we had some sort of device that could plug it in for us

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YEa cool for the Lyra!

For midi in enabled pedals the Befaco VCMC would be my bet! Must be in my first 104HP case … Uups

Is that the new B… WIN… ?



I read $300-390 and you get 3 of the devices with the main control board