Getting gritty/chunky/lofi/oldschool sounds in a compact setup?

These killer examples also disrupt the second hand market, Reverb says thanks :money_with_wings: :totes:


Haha. I’m not in the market so happy to pour fuel on the flames. :wink:


I am not selling (yet) :tongue:

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VHS can be a cheap unhip option too.

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Seriously, $300+ for an old Tascam multitrack tape, it’s nuts…

Even the reel-to-reel decks are more, but some of the older ones are still affordable, if you’re just looking for some grit and noise. I bought mine 15-20 years ago and it doesn’t have the bells and whistles, but for tape loops and as an effect it works well.

Before audio interfaces were affordable and good, I used VHS to record drums with some mics and an old Mackie, actually sounded pretty awesome given the circumstances.

Honestly, so long as you don’t expect the “warm sound of analog tape” that you’d get from classic, expensive recorders, you can use anything.

My first sampler was just a pocket memo recorder, and I made some of the sickest stuff on there, especially when the battery started to die. Just to a second-hand shop or Goodwill or something and just see what you can find. Even if you don’t loce the results you probably won’t spend more than $20 on anything there, but you may find a gem.

I think this sound can’t be faked very well using plugins, better and more fun to do it the hard(ware) way.

Lots of good suggestions already, PT2399 or BBD (aka analog) delay, cassette, old samplers etc.

I must admit to finding most modern electronic music to clean and sterile, I think noise gives life to recordings.