Getting into Sequential Synths

Cheers for this.

I’m currently leaving towards an OB6.

I’m going to fund it with the sale of my A4 and Peak.

I’ll make inroads into this over the test of the week.

I just need to look at but more at the P6 as my research has been mostly of the OB6.

I think the sound of the OB6 and P6 may be impressive enough without immense amounts of modulation…:thinking:


I have the OB6 and I will never part with it.

I also really like the Pro3 as a mono/para. It’s quite easy to route modulations. The sequencer is a bit of a pain to get used to.

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That’s exactly why I like the Take 5 so much; it’s the only Sequential synth with VCOs and a mod matrix. It’s good for getting all types of dusty sounds by modulating everything with oscillators or noise. It does the coolest things out of all the Sequential synths and is super affordable as well. It’s the no-brainer choice for anyone without a Sequential synth looking for one today (if you have the space).


I’m not disagreeing with you. generally I prefer the relatively simpler poly synths like Prophet 5, OB6, Juno 106 and Polysix. but it can be fun to dig into deeper modulation; and you mentioned wanting that. plus there’s a reason there’s a third party expander to add three LFO’s, another envelope and sequencer to the OB6/P6. so some people aren’t happy with the modulation options as designed.

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:grin: p fibby, p fibby

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If you ever get that MEK then hang onto your desktop Evo. They work together so well. I have mucked about with a PolyEvolver and loved it. But for the more – um – Evolvery patches, two voices is more than enough to let you play leads without losing the tail end of the last note. Beautiful stuff.

Or by setting a sequence on the desktop and playing over it with the MEK.

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Oh absolutely. I have a hard time imagining ever getting rid of my desktop evolver. Even if I had an mek it would still be useful. Polychaining them or just syncing them would both provide near endless options.

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I have been wanting the OB-6 for years and this thread has made me look into it again. I’m sure it would be incredible and fit well in my music and setup.

Are you by any chance based in Europe? I may be able to get some discount on the desktop models.

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Take-5, hands down, no question. There is no reason to get any other synth

oh its not a desktop. i wish it was too, but otherwise its literally perfect


Hi @Soarer.

I’m in the UK. Does that still apply as being in Europe? :grimacing:


Haha good question but it was mostly up to you regarding shipping plus taxes.
If you are interested I can ask this online retailer and see how much discount they can give us for 2 desktop units.

Yeah, sure. That’s cool. I’m not sure if it’ll end up being any good for me thanks to bloody Brexit bollocks but I’d appreciate your efforts to find out.


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Here’s one of my favorite videos with the OB-6. Lot’s of rich and lush pad sounds with X-mod and sweet SEM filter modulations.


Take five is much different… all the modulation is digital, Sooo it has a different sound to it… not worse but different definitely. It sounds a bit less wild then the p6 or ob6, just sounds more compressed and focused. Even the fm is digital on take five… But it can do a bunch of sounds you won’t find elsewhere too…
Really they are all masterpieces… sequential is wizard level for a reason…


I’ve listened to your advice and watched a plethora of YouTube videos and have made a decision.

A brand new OB-6 arrives Monday.

Thanks for all you guidance


You won’t regret it believe me! Nothing sounds like it! I couldn’t believe how good and alive it sounds. Of course, you need a pair of good enough speakers to hear and appreciate the difference


Truly inspiring synth !
Random tip : don’t forget that even with just one vco it sounds gorgeous and then you can use vco 2 as an lfo.


Cheers guys.

Yeah, I am confident that I’ll find this synth to be something special.

Everything I’ve watched and read have only supported my decision.

Really think it’ll be a great purchase.

Lucky… The price just went up to $3500 for ob6 and p6.