Getting your best recording

Ive got an a4. I love writing on it and the sound design and tight sequencer integration. The effects are definitely part of the sound for me so when it comes time to record, I record all of the active voices live out the stereo pair.

Whenever I try to split the parts up and run through them one at a time the sound loses its magic and the timing feels broken.

Whoops - hit send too soon -

But if you record all at once, edits are tougher.

What are you doing to get your best recording out of these boxes?

I’ll either clock it from the computer and multitrack with Overbridge, adding FX afterwards. If I really want the pure sound of the AK, I’ll get it sounding as good as I can and record a stereo track from the main outs, and do processing on that.

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Maybe you can record the individual tracks PLUS the master output, sending only the wet signal to the stereo pair. Then you can work on each dry track and also have a stereo recording of the effects, in order to mix it in


Hmmmm. Never looked into the routing. This might be just the thing.

I record everything through OB + usually record the audio out.
Totally pointless most of the time, but handy to adjust levels.

These days I pay a particular attention not to overload the FX, especially Reverb…

Similar to the comments above, I will record seperate tracks, and the master.

I’ll also record more material than I need, so any cycles can got though twice, then I can choose which part I want to use.

I just spend lots of time getting things to sound as good as I can, then I run everything into a Strymon Deco and hit record.

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I usually run it into a good DI/pre combo before the ADC, for some nice analogue solidity. Might not always be what you want though.