Ghosts in the Octatrack: Set from the former owner

It’s funny what stories devices can tell. My used MkI came with a set on it from the former owner. There were samples, but they barely took even a gig on the CF card, so I never bothered to delete it. After almost a year I finally checked it out.

It paints a pretty funny picture. There’s a handful of sets, three of them with the default naming scheme, revealing that the owner had the device for presumably about 4 years. Some of the projects are named after configurations, one being “MIDI SEQ” another being “DJ”, etc.

Each project has one or two patterns tops. The patterns sound like they were made by a pretty damn good musician, who was completely overwhelmed by the device. A ton of exploration with effects going off all over the place, several tracks playing in reverse, not connected to scenes or anything.

No judgement! some things work for some people that don’t work for others. It was just entertaining piecing this little narrative together, whether it’s actually true or not. It was a win/win in the end.


Typically when I get used gear that hasn’t been factory reset this is the case. Minimal use with only a few extra presets/patterns/projects. It’s always fun getting to see what people were doing with their old stuff but it’s crazy how many people buy gear and then just don’t seem to use it much!!!


Sounds like me. But I still have mine :joy:


I’d be far too embarrassed to sell my Octatrack on without making damn sure any of my feeble attempts at using it were good and gone.

Had that thing a few years (Mk1 bought just before Mk2 came in) and I still haven’t properly used it, just sat there trying to get my head around it and hating every moment.

No problem getting up and running with Machinedrum, Monomachine and Analog Four but that thing…just keeps going back in it’s box and in the cupboard, resurfacing occasionally for another try which lasts half as long as the previous attempt.

If anyone heard my Octa-fumblings they’d likely conclude a complete non-musician got hold of it.

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Sounds interesting, would you mind sharing?

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No lie, I’ve put hours of conscientious focused effort into this machine and this is still how I feel a significant portion of the time.

Out of respect for the previous owner, I won’t be sharing it, sorry about that.

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As I know I’m third owner of my OT-1. Second owner mostly stored the device on the shelf for almost a decade so there was nothing interesting on the card. But the first owner left decent amount of notes in the manual. I found it interesting to trace his way of feature analyze and compare to my own as I’m totally not the manual guy or musician at all.


This is really cool. I love seeing how people use and wrap their heads around their gear.


When I sold my first OT, the buyer specifically asked me if he could pay me to leave my live sets on there for him to study. I did it for free , I totally get wanting to check out how other people work.

Many, many years ago on the old forum I did a MD-UW Dj set where other forum users sent me their patterns and samples to use as my “records”. Again, really interesting to see how other people approach the same we use ourselves.


This is an amazing idea!

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It was a lot of fun, though I did need to do a bit of house keeping to get everything sounding sorta similar in terms of volume and tone. Neat exercise though, I learned a lot trying to deconstruct what other people had done.

EDIT: I actually went to listen to the set now and realized I did it this sort of thing twice on the old forums:

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My OT MK1 came with loads of absolutely crazy DnB projects testing the upper clock limit. As an additional bonus, it kept on smelling like a chemical lab for over a year.