Goldbaby Tape808/909 vs Elektron's Caught on Tape 808+909

Elektron (447 808/909 samples):
Goldbaby (1,426 909 samples):
Goldbaby (408 808 samples):

You’re missing out on quite a number of samples if you get Elektron’s release of Goldbaby’s samples and there’s very little information offered on either sites so I’m wondering if anyone has experience with any of the above packs that could shed some light on the key differences/holes in the Elektron pack. Thanks!

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I don’t have the Elektron version of this, but from memory the Goldbaby release has a heap of similar samples for round-robin sets (Battery does this I guess, not sure what else), and some pitch variations.

I’m pretty sure my go-to kicks come from Tape808.

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I went with the Elektron pack in the end. I’m new to the OT so I figured the benefit of having a sample project to explore and learn from outweighed having the complete set of samples from Goldbaby.

Each sample comes in about 4 or 5 different formats: original, tape, tape saturated, processed, and more processing and based on @min0nim’s comment above and after digging through the Elektron pack, my guess is the biggest difference between the offerings is the amount of pitch variation per sound.

Hope this is helpful for anyone else who might search out this topic in the future.

many sample companies play the numbers game.

eg. reading a pack has 2000 samples , 5 gig or whatever , but when you look at it there are actually 600 unique samples … the others are identical and formatted for mpc, kontact , ableton , massive , blah blah blah… no use to me personally as i mostly use wav files on elektron hardware.
plus the duplicates in the kits folder.
i try to judge them overall , and how i might use them , the effort taken in putting the pack together and their price… i know , after buying a lot of packs , that i’ll use a small percentage of the packs once i’ve made my own kits or synth chains .

at least the elektron version is likely to be closest to the actual sample count, only including 1 file type of each sample as they’ll all work on rytm/digitakt/octatrack (which has the stereo advantage).

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I love Goldbaby (and Samples From Mars), but the big sample packs are too much for a hardware sampler like the DT. Those sets are much better suited for creating multi-layer instruments in software IMO. Otherwise you have to figure out which of the 8,000 BD sounds you want to put on the DT, which is no fun.


I used all versions in the studio and the OT version have the set/project with banks, patterns, and scenes! if you have OT I think is the best option

old school hardware samplers were good for multilayered stuff , though the interfaces / sampler transfer got in the way.

only recent one i think is making strides in this direction is the deluge with the latest firmware… multi-pitched samples over the keyboard , pitch detection etc… its proving hard to compete with in terms of hardware… and its mostly driven by an off the shelf dsp and good software skills.

i mostly grab c1,c2,c2,c3 sounds , stick em in a simple sample chain … but then its still most suitable for short bass notes / percussion … many bass drum/cymbal samples are very very long which just means either wasting a lot of space, editing them on mac , or setting up short snappy envelopes so i can program them without sounds cutting off.

ive bought all samples from mars , not just because they’re cheap , they’re good quality too , though i’d love short snappy versions to suit 1/4 , 1/8 , 1/16 , 1/32 triggering , or i need to improve how i batch process things.