Good quality “small to big jack” adapters (UK)?

I struggle to find good quality “small to big jack” adapters, can anyone recommend any hardwearing ones that can be purchased in the U.K.?

The only good one I have looks like this but I don’t know where it’s from:

I got a bunch of ones like this which are useless, they start to fall apart and distort:

Even the nice looking one which came with my Neumann headphones fell to pieces inside my Digitone headphone socket! Luckily I could get it out with tweezers…

What cable are you using these with? Or rather what’s your actual use for this adapter?

For headphones or going out of Digitakt into mixer, etc?

Hmm, good question. I wonder if Neutrik do one?

If it’s for headphones, you’ll need adapter obvs. If it’s for cabling between gear, you could see if DesignACable can hook you up with something custom

Headphones mostly, I feel like every now and then I randomly need one e.g. for gear with small jacks on it and can never find a working one! Getting cables with the right ends maybe a better idea, and keep the one good one for my headphones… nice thinking!