Greying out the controls? ie. spare buttons and encoders

I do not get why elektron decided to black out some of the AH controls. These are devices meant to be operated on dark stages and mancaves after all, heck you cannot even use the AR properly in daylight lol

Is there a way to buy replacement encoders and buttons to get everything grayed out like on the trinity devices? You’d need six round buttons, one oval button and five encoders…

One black encoder found good use from my OT though - I’m used to the knob layout of the AR so was constantly adjusting the track level on the OT by accident. Well not anymore with a black encoder on it!

I used to do this all the time, so much so I changed that for a black MNM replacement one - this is such an important aspect - finding your way around quickly and consistently is key

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Agreed. I really think the way they did the layout on the AR nails it - the level knob is nicely located on the other side of the screen.

If elektron were to make an OT mk Ii, they’d do well to swap the level knob and the tempo button to the other side, like on the AR

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