Guess who owns this live setup

Sorry about the bad lighting.

I’m at a concert venue right now - in Copenhagen (Denmark). Can you guess the artist from this artist?

The artist is danish…but he do have an international presence.


Rather cool to perform with your gear glued to the ceiling…


Tom himself?

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Yeah - rather annoying. I guess it has something to do with how the rotation is saved in an iPhone image - yuck.

It fits perfectly to your profile pic, reaching to the ceiling^^


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my guess is Kasper Bjørke

or maybe Sekuoia

Tomas Barfod? :joy:

What is the thing at the rigth? Is it one of those old Kurzweil effect controllers?

Why do those Machinedrums look so different? The one on the left seems to have a darker body and shinier encoders? Or is that just the lighting?

The faceplates are the same but the encoders on the left are after market.

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you’ll notice the left MD’s body looks more like the MM’s body.

I’ve seen MDs in MM bottom cases before.
Robert_T has one

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Is it Roger Daltrey?


Yep - kurzweil effect thingie. Looks rather impressive.

I unfortunately did not get video or images during the performance.

The performer was danish artist Bjørn Svin. He did a live improvisation techno show.


Faceplant in a puddle of mud?

KSP8, which the MnM is on top of, is controlled by that unit. KSP8 is AMAZING