Guitar Parts (Ireland/EU)

Trying to find a decent place online to buy electric guitar parts. I’m I’m Ireland so that would be my choice but EU would be cool. Just not UK as, well, you know… or maybe UK. The two places I used to buy from seem to have shutdown so looking for recommendation.

I’m in Ireland too. Back when I was modding guitars (haven’t done it in a couple of years now) I used to get a lot of stuff from Custom World Guitar Parts in the Netherlands.:

There’s probably a couple of other places I dealt with too. I’ll see if I can dig out links tomorrow.

A few other places I used to get bits and pieces:



UK: (prices include EU tax and duty) (not sure how they’re set up for EU orders)
Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitar Parts – Allparts UK (probably not the best for shipping to Ireland post Brexit).

US: (never had any problems shipping to Ireland from any of these)

This place is great for repairs, maybe they also do parts:

Thanks people - some good links to investigate there! :heart:

Just ordered from Northwest - great site and they’ve got all the EU shipping shenanigans sorted :+1:t2:

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