Guys please help:(( [Digitakt not starting]

So guys, i bought a Digitakt via Ebay kleinanzeigen and when it arrived I plug it in turn on button and it doesn’t work. I have been scammed. What should i do? Should i send it to repairment in factory? How do i do it? please help i’m desperate. Thank you.

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Check that it has the correct power supply?


Chill, eBay buyer support is really good. Once you’re sure it doesn’t work just open a return saying ‘item not as described’ and you’ll get a full refund.

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The power supply is original from Elektron. also i have plug it in few power outlets. Today I am going to my friend who has the Digi aswell to check on his power cabel. I am really hoping that’s the problem.
Also i can’t do nothing about the return cause guy didn’t want to do it via PayPal, and also its not Ebay. I know im a sucker:(

So did you buy it thru ebay or not.

make up your mind…


eBay Kleinanzeigen is like Craigslist. The payment is often made privately in cash. It’s just a method of connecting people with each other, so I’m assuming any guarantees would be limited.

However I’ve bought and sold through it before without issues. They must have some kind of process if the item truly doesn’t work.

Good Luck.

Sorry to hear it mate, not sure what the best option is, but I wish you the best of luck with it.

Thank you guys.
Hopefully its repairable.

If the transaction wasn’t done through PayPal then probably nothing can be done. The Digitakt might still be under warranty though, get in touch with support!

Digitakt has 3 year warranty so you should be covered I guess…

Thanks guys, it think only thing to do is send a ticket and hope that they will accept it for the repair.
I am a huge Elektron fanboy and this would definitely make me their customer forever:))

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