Hackintosh optimization (Elektron, Ableton, OBS and Resolume)

Hi, I have a live setup with Ableton, Resolume and OBS with my DN, Rytm and OT but I´m having problems of performance.

I have a hackintosh and the fans are at maximum speed and the GPU (AMD Radeon RX 580) seems to be working too much.

When I don´t have Ableton on the front everything works acceptable but as soon as I select Ableton it starts making the Resolume visuals laggy.

Anyone knows any tool to configure and optimize a hackintosh?

give this software a go - keeps my good old 2014 iMac in check (pimped with 32GB + SSD) - otherwise my fan would go off like a Mil Moscow Helicopter.

not sure if this helps for your macintosh setup; maybe worth a try.

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Thanks @lanamo, I got it but I can´t do anything with it ´cause it says some fan values are the same and that I should uninstall other tools for fan control.

I’m running a hackintosh with the same gpu and the only thing that stresses it is gaming – but i’m not asking it to do the live visuals, the live audio and the live streaming at once :loopy:

are you on ableton live 11?

I don´t play games so I don´t know how it would perform. I use Ableton 11, but I think the computer isn´t well configurated.

which macOS are you using? have you tried the same setup using Live 10? 11 is having a few ‘teething troubles’ from at the moment. i have 11 too and have seen performance issues that don’t occur in 10.

I use Mojave, I prefer not to go back to Ableton 10, anyway the most of the problem is due to the computer, so Ableton only makes things worse.

My fans are always to the max and I can´t change them with the fan monitoring apps I tried, and I can´t find an application to manage the RX 580, do you know if there is anyone?

mojave here too. are your gpu fans running when just browsing online etc? mine don’t come on at all until an app needs it. there’s no mac app to control gpu fans as far as i know. is it def the gpu fans and not the cpu fan?

In OBS, what is doing the encoding? The CPU or the RX580? If you can, use the GPU.

I think I’m using the GPU in OBS, will double check.

Regarding the fans, I don’t know really.