Handling pattern changes in a hardware live setup

Hello Nauts !

I’ve reworked this question to make it shorter, hopefully I’ll get more answers :smile:

I’d like to start building a hardware live setup with the following machines :

  • Analog Rytm
  • Analog Four
  • Machinedrum MK1

I plan to build patterns and associated kits with performance controls on each machine in order to make use of scenes and/or performance pads on the Rytm, the Perf mode on the A4 and a CTR-8P machine on the MD during the performance. I would also handle track mutes on either a master sequencer or a mixer, depending on the setup I end up with.

I need your help figuring out how to switch patterns on the machines. If I need all the machines to change pattern at the same time, how can I do it ?
I know you can send MIDI notes on the default channel to the MD to change pattern, but I couldn’t find anything similar in the Rytm or the A4 manual, I only found this : TRANSPORT RECEIVE will when active make Analog Rytm respond to system realtime messages like play, stop, continue and song position pointer. Does that mean that I can basically setup my patterns in the machines and just send it a “go to next pattern” message? Can you think of some hardware that could handle that and possibly individual track mutes as well (since there are MIDI messages for that too) ? I have a feeling this comes down to my lack of MIDI knowledge …
If you have a hardware based live setup, how do you handle it ?

Thank you in advance for your ideas & opinions, hopefully you like this shorter version better :slight_smile:


Bump. Nobody has an opinion on this ? :sweat_smile:
Or am I completely out of my mind and it’s not possible at all and everyone just all handle pattern changes manually, machine by machine ?

I think the problem you have is that none of those machines is as accomplished a midi sequencer as some other Elektron boxes, notably the Monomachine and the Octatrack. The MD is decent though, that might be your best bet.

Probably the simplest way to do it is to use the Elektron synced pattern change system but that means every pattern change on the master machine will affect every box, i.e. you will always have every machine on the same pattern at the same time.

Alternatively the Machinedrum can certainly be set to send CC and Program Change messages by assigning a MID machine to an instrument. You can then insert midi messages into a pattern as trigs. Don’t think the A4 can receive track mute messages though. Not sure what the Rytm can and can’t respond to.


Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

That is exactly what I want as I already make matching patterns on all machines, and using “Elektron synced pattern change system” as search term, I found this topic that explains how it works, so I’m going to give it a try, as I understand it, it’s just a matter of choosing the right options in the MIDI settings of each machine.

In the previous version of my question, i mentionned I also own an MPC Live, I wonder it will play nice with that setup, otherwise I’ll go on with my plan to sell it and get an Octatrack or a Digitakt as I feel more confortable in the Elektron way of things anyway.

The Rytm manual mentions using CC 94 for track mutes, so it should be ok. I’ve also been thinking about doing it other way around, handling mutes on the machines, and get something like Faderfox’s PC4 (or something cheaper that can work without a computer and can have its MIDI values edited) to control performance .


Perfect - yes, that’s a simple setting on all your Elektron boxes and it will make your life a lot easier. :okej:

Re: the MPC live, I should think you could automate pattern changes on that if you have the MD set as master and sending instructions via a MID machine. If you wanted it to be the master box then I’m not sure if auto pattern changes from e.g. the MD would still cascade down to the other boxes via midi Thru. Would if you used midi Out but that wouldn’t pass on any midi data from the MPC.

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