Happy new gear!

Best wishes for all!
I hope some of Elektronauts will get a chance to buy new gear this year!
Sell what you don’t use!
I’d love a Digitone, but my more serious priority is still a Line 6 Helix LT for my guitars / bass…


my new year resolution is to somehow acquire a Peak. and a Boog. and maybe a sub37. idk. let’s see where this years GAS takes me!


I’m quite sure to buy something as I sold some gear, and didn’t received / bought anything for Christmas ! :smile: (except sea food, but for me, only musical stuff count).
I won’t live that year with such frustration. :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy New Gear!

For me I hope to contain the GAS a bit this year, so brussell sprouts and baked beans are off the menu :joy:


haha have a nutritious new year!


GAS play on words works in french too! (GAZ) :smile:


I literally was just eating brussel sprouts when you wrote that… :smile:
I can’t even remember the last time I had em…


Thinking an A4 mk2 and a poly synth of some sort like Peak or Rev2, but it’ll be interesting to see what’s up at NAMM. Fairly set on the A4


My Cocoquantus is eating Gecho Loopsynth. Poor Coco will have some bad gaz.


good point. second hand gear is fun, but new gear is new :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy new GEAR!

More Moogs and Elektrons, a new classical guitar. Maybe an OP1 rev2. And that is just the beginning!!!

And … I hope I can get my new little music room up and running in a few weeks max!



Happy New Year !!!


A nice drop of Calvados could help with brussell sprouts GAZ I reckon (thread derailed :train: :train2: :astonished:)


Wow did not realize they cost around 850EUR … damn

Secondhand OT’s are really good value at the moment. I picked up a mint one (always regretted selling mine a few years ago) for about 650 euros. Now I’m thinking of getting a Ventris reverb for the cue outs.
Any New Year sales or is it all done on Black Friday these days?

I’ve already got a few trades/purchases lined up for the next month or two. A friend is trading me his Yamaha CS40M for some DIY modules (I used to have and loved the CS40M). That should be delivered in late February. Another friend is selling me his Micromonsta and Casio VZ10m. I’ve owned the latter before and liked it a lot.

Mostly, though, I think I will concentrate more on building more modules for my modular system and doing repairs and restoration to my vintage things. A lot of this stuff needs seeing to, ranging from simple jobs like cleaning sliders and replacing pots to a full restoration of an old Linn 9000 - a project that has been put off for over a year now.


I think I’ll start out small …

Happy new Beer!

(sampling the sounds after gulping it in one big sip)


Happy New gear all. I do want a tanzbar 2. We will see when i cave in.

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I need to get off the crack gear buying merry go round. I reckon it’s partially there to fill the void left by modern society in my soul, but still, get a fucking grip.

In 2018, I sold off half my eurorack, and bought the following stuff:

  • Octatrack (re-bought)
  • Monomachine (re-bought)
  • Machinedrum (re-bought)
  • Digitakt (and sold it)
  • Analog Heat (and sold it)
  • Digitone
  • Ableton Push 2 (and sold it)
  • Deepmind 6
  • Squarp Pyramid
  • Endorphin.es Autopilot & Shuttle Control
  • Xaoc Zadar
  • Winter Modular Eloquencer (re-bought)
  • Tip top Z-DSP (re-bought)

It’s just fucking ridiculous. Kind of nice to see the madness listed. Hopefully I’ll discover some sort of meditation/medication that’ll actually work (having tried at least 3 different types over the past year), that’ll help me settle down and appreciate my life more, feel less anxious and less the urge to buy shit to fill that void in the heart.

Happy new year! :stuck_out_tongue:


so, in 2018 i went DAWless. motto for 2019 is: make gig rig portable again.

highest priority for purchase: Pyramid.
normal priority: more Blofelds (at least 1), more PreenFM2 units (at least 1).

the very first things to buy in 2019 are some gear holders.
i want my gear mounted on a drum rack and wonder how people can live without it.

and then, optional stuff.
optional, new, cheap: Novation Circuit.
optional, new, not that cheap: Digitone or Deluge.
optional, necrophilic: Roland SH-32, Roland MC-505, Yamana DX-200 and/or AN-200, probably spare Novation Nova Laptop, probably spare Command Station.

that’s it.

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