Hard Drive & iPhone

I’m recording audio through USB directly to my iPhone from a field mixer. I was wondering if anyone has had success copying wav/aiff files to a lightning external drive like the Sandisk ixpand?

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I use iDiskk pro, little USB stick with an app to get files to/from iPad and also dump stuff into Strom to get samples into the Rytm without that C6 ‘route’…

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like a similar thing to the SanDisk one. Does it all work fine for you?

Yeah no problems at all, and also it helps to get various other files from/to the iPad/iPhone…

I sometimes use it as a handy file player to sample, for instance dump some stuff from the pc, then audition and play into a hardware box… Dirty.
For the outlay the benefits are enormous in my opinion.

Couldn’t live without a USB stick now, invaluable.