Has anyone sampled their Rytm or MD?

I’m looking to get a hold of synthesized drums from the Rytm and MD for my Octatrack. I have a bunch already and have sampled my MD a bit, but I’m trying to get my hands on as much as possible. Hook a brotha up!

Thanks. Got those already, actually. Haha.

I heavily sampled my AR. 1600+ hits. All machine types were used.

Was going to make a sample pack to sell, with Live drum racks, and OT + DT chains, but my new job is giving me little time for such projects. I will upload it for sale on replicantsounds.com soon, without the racks and chains, at a discounted rate.


We’ll hot damn. Let me know when it’s up. That shit is baller.


Do you have them all in Sysex format as well?

Ok, never mind.

No. Just recorded .wavs.


Actually, I was mistaken. It’s over 3200 samples! :smiley:


Good lord…

one option http://www.drivenmachinedrums.com … lots of md hits


Ooooh yeah make sure you publicise when that goes up!

is the soundcloud track a preview of the samples sequenced on something like a Digitakt, or is it just the RYTM playing?

Sequenced with ableton live. Made a few quick racks for the demo, 8 sounds each.
Live FX too.

That’s an insane project, but I can’t justify spending almost $50 on drum sounds. Haha.

Will your RYTM samples be available for sale at some point? Are they already on replicantsounds.com? Apologies for the (possible) nagging…


Not yet.

I’m working on selecting the 8 most interesting recorded samples for each of the 26 synthesis machine types that I recorded, and turning those into “8 hit sample streams” for Digitakt users.