Having bad tunings when using CV? Anyone else?

I used Slim Phatty with my A4. Slim Phatty always sounded out of tune (from the rest of tracks) when sequenced with CV.
I tought that is due to famous Slim Phatty tuning issues and almost sold it…
Then i got myself a Minitaur and got the same problem.

Both synth are perfectly (almost) in tune when used with keyboard, but when sequenced with A4’s CV outputs, they get like 8 semitones (!) higher.
That was my solution… i go to CV settings and lower the pitch by 8 semitones.

I was jus curious am i the only one expiriencing this?

I have a Slim Phatty too. I have ran into this problem as well. The best i can do is use Type: PITCHV/oct, Middle C 0.0V, V/OCT 1.13V

That seems to be the tightest i can get the pitch via CV.

Gonna try that tip later this week…

Is that a usual thing for CV gear?

I don’t know, because this is my first setup with CV. Maybe someone with more experience can chime in.

I think this is a Moog problem. The CV tunings can be sketchy even on modern gear. It’s something that’s been discussed in various contexts on Vintage Synth Explorer. I can personally tell you that I’ve had this same problem when sequencing my Minitaur using the A4.

Have you tried sequencing the Minitaur using MIDI gear (not with the A4, obviously)?

I do not own a Minitaur but this is how it works on the Sub Phatty. Any MIDI-note sent to it will transpose the synth. Before you start sequencing it send a note of C0 to set it as a reference point and make sure that nothing sends MIDI to the Minitaur after that.

I actually started to use Phatty again today with A4. That was my original idea, but i tought it was Phattys issue so i got myself a Mini.
I tried the tip with settings for middle c and it kinda works. Its on +1 v and is out of tune, but in a more musical way, if i can express myself that way.
So, im tired of testing stuff and just want to make some tunes. Phatty stays, minitaur is on sale :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!!