Heat Sound card issues/questions

Just got Heat. The sound is amazing. It makes me want to play with all my old toys again. A few comments:

  1. Overbridge plug in works great! (using Mac El Capitan with Ableton)
  2. I’ve been able to use my AH to record dry audio, but processed audio isn’t coming in to Ableton. This is acceptable though as I can just put Overbridge plugin on the track. Is there a way to choose to record the affected output without using the Overbridge plug in, and without disabling Overbridge in the Heat?
  3. Using the Heat as an output sound card has been a struggle. When I did get audio coming out I could hear both the dry signal on my inputs and the Ableton output. I can’t find how to “disable the output routing” like I can with Analog 4.

Ok, after reading the newest manual online, I have an update.

Setting the “Analog in/out” settings to “Auto”, I have to make sure that that there is an instance of the Heat plugin actually in my Ableton project.