Heat to monitor DAW and to process that audio?

Playing a show tonight and I might need to use my Heat mk1 as an audio interface. I’ve never used it this way before so pardon my ignorance… I don’t have much time to troubleshoot.

Am I not able to use the Heat to monitor the output of my DAW and also process that audio coming out of my DAW?

Am I only able to process signals coming in through the inputs?

:frowning: halp

Hey - using it as a sound card is super easy, I’ve had great success with that. I haven’t managed to then also process the DAW signals at the same time - ie, using it as a plugin too. But that’s just my experience with Logic Pro X and I’m surrrre it’s possible, but might be safer not to rely on it with limited troubleshooting time? Hopefully someone else can chime in if they’ve got it working!