Help...! Can't hear FX with Overbridge?

Hey guys, just got my Rytm 2 days ago and I absolutely love it!

However I am coming across one issue in the fact that I have tried sending sounds to my Delay/Reverb and changing their parameters but I can’t hear a single delay or reverb at all? Same with the Distortion when I move the knobs I can’t hear anything change even tho it is a master effect (?)

I am using Overbridge for Ableton and have set up a Analog Rytm - Pre-FX track before my individual voice channels like I saw in the Overbridge video with Dataline. However, the Pre-FX track has no sound coming out but in the video I saw it does?

Don’t know if the routing is an issue but that is something I noticed.

Sorry for the noob question, it is my first drummachine and am still learning how to conduct everything… thank so much!!! :slight_smile:

My advise is to find the beta OS with the more desirable FX gain structure, and just keep it installed until they decided to implement it into the main OS. It is far superior, and makes the reverb sound much better to me.

Well it is more a case of there actually being no FX at all, can’t hear anything as if they are off.

Is probably a routing issue or some parameter that has it muted but I have yet to understand what is going on unfortunately…


Still haven’t managed to get my FX (reverb, delay, compressor, distortion) to work over Overbridge?? Can’t hear any of them at all no matter the sends/volumes/settings!!

Is there an option that needs to be turned on or off or maybe a routing issue because when I use my AR standalone without Overbridge I can hear all the effects fine!!! Bizarre.

Thanks for the help…

Do you get audio from main out? oder single track outs?
All the fx are only available on the main out

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Have you accidently turned the FX routing off in Global settings?

Solved… thanks insect!!

Didn’t have the main outs active in Overbridge… sorry for being such a beginner!!

However that raises the question that there is no way to stream all 8 voices AND FX at the same time through Overbridge? It is only allowing me up to 8 inputs so do I have to keep going back and forth switching some on and off if I need to use all the voices available?

Again, thanks so much for the help!!!

This has been discussed in almost every thread on AR and OB in the last 2-3 weeks. The FX are sends, not inserts, which means they can’t be printed onto individual tracks but are applied to the stereo sum.

To record individual tracks and FX at the same time, people seem to be recording the 8 individual tracks through OB/USB and the FX via the old-fashioned way through the analog Stereo Out into their interface.


The oddity/issue for me, now that I’ve set the audio streams up as per Blasterings tutorial @ distortion isn’t feeding into the FX track. Only reverb and delay comes through - and this is the same for other projects in my AR, too.

What would you suggest?

overbridge integrates to your DAW, why do you really need the effects reverb and delay from the elektron device ? you have plenty of more options in your DAW.

because you want to work in the box and then easily send all the stems to your daw so you can mix the tracks one by one and then release, no need to do any fx stuff in your daw.