Help connecting Behringer Model D to OT?

So yeah this is the second one I bought and I have hooked up to my Oct, can’t get it to fucking work like I know the basics about like hooking midi shit up,

Since you know the basics, what aspect are you actually getting stuck on?

What is working, and what is not?

The part where no sound comes out

Have you clicked the encoder on the octatrack to confirm the midi channel you want it to transmit on.

What is auto channel set to

Oh the midi on the Oct worked I have it like playing other stuff usually and I just bought one of the behringers because it was on sale and this happened with the other one too I returned it like about 6 months ago but yeah I won’t play like I don’t know what the hell I’m doing wrong just literally was not fucking play

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Connect it to a computer via usb and see if you can get it to trigger that way ?

Your dip switches mean it’s set to receive on midi channel 2. Is the OT sending on midi channel 2?


Good call, @craig! Was thinking this right away after seeing the opening post. Fooled me at first when I had the Model D. (Thought this was the one synth I didn’t need the manual for.) :grinning:

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Just realised it’s midi channel - 1 in binary

Okay I figured it out I think I was just too high or drunk or something before