HELP! (digitakt + syntakt + digitone) vs op1 field

Hello yall!
So I’ve been considering getting the digitakt syntakt and digitone over the new op 1 field. Both options seem appealing but I could literally get the trinity of elektrons instead.

Can anyone share their thoughts on if it’s just a better setup to go with the elektrons or op 1f?

Thanks! Any info helps alot.

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Welcome! I think it depends on how you prefer to make music. If you are more into step sequencing the elektrons might be the better option for you. If you are more of a live player and okay with capturing audio without the option of fine adjustments afterwards, the op-1f may be better for you. I owned all the instruments you listed and enjoyed them all, but kept only the op-1f. But I think the most important thing you have to make up you mind about is how you prefer to make music.

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only one of any digi trinity can beat op-1 musical-wise, only downside is you couldn’t put any of them in your pocket of skinny jeans.

Op-1 f is a wonderful thing! It has different features, concepts, work flow….it also a great tool if I you know how to use it. When you plan to buy something, Just don compare apples to oranges! Find out which flavors is yours.


Haha I don’t need portability so much. It’s nice but not nessescary! Hrmm. Apples to oranges aye. I am so confused right now. I basically love making techno, variations throughout the song with the drums and synths, effects etc. The 4 track thing on op 1 f makes me worry as I’d have to use My daw to not delete songs due to an overdub mistake. Still bent on which way to go… lol :fearful:

Why did ya get rid of the elektrons in favor of the op 1 field ?

sounds like you might be better suited to the digi’s if you’re into techno. personally (if you go that route) I’d start with a single digi, get to know that, & push it to its limits. then add another.

no need to get all 3 at once. it’s overkill n will only confuse matters.


I’ve not used the OP-1f (only the OG years ago) but the Elektrons are much more suited to techno and live performance in my mind. But I would stick to two of the Digis, not all three which can be mental overload or barely scratching the surface of any of them. One drums and one synth would be best imo. So either DT or ST for drums (samples or synthesis) and DN or ST for synth duties. YMMV


Actually, the m8 made me sell my elektrons. Regarding the op-1f, I use it a lot for recording long takes of guitar or other instruments and the more simple synth engines (in comparison to the digitone) suit my kind of music better. However, I can only add my voice to the advice the others posted here already: the elektrons are much better suited for techno. Start with one instrument and get to know it before buying too much and be overwhelmed.

Maybe start with a Syntakt, as it is a streamlined “best of Elektron” with enough tracks to make a whole set/song on. It also gives you a little bit of analog and FM synthesis in a streamlined way. Lots of input on this thread:

You will get to know the Elektron workflow and see if it’s for you. If you then find you miss anything, add another digi from there. Say you notice you need samples, go for Digitakt. If you notice you would want deeper synth sound design and/or polyphony for e.g. pads, add a Digitone. Starting out with all three of them would be mental overload and a waste. Most of all: have fun, you’re in for a treat!


Alternative: get a used OP1 and see how you feel about it?

If you’re making techno, get a Digitakt.

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Thanks everybody! Ive taken everything into consideration. I really want to go elektron now. Mind is made up. But, even if i start with just a digitakt or syntakt, what is the best overall setup when i want a second and or third? Is it a good idea to have the digitakt/syntakt/digitone together? or is the better combo a syntakt digitakt/digitone only? basically whats the best setup between these 3 in a combo form. I really like the idea of having all three one day!

im thinking syntakt to start ?? Or maybe the digitakt. Is having all three a waste? in what way? thank you

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You’re really best off starting with one. The only benefit I could see to having two at once is learning how to perform with two of them integrated. Muting tracks on one machine from the other, synchronized pattern changes etc. But, that stuff is easy to pick up on after the fact. Spend the time to learn one.

If you’re absolutely dead set on getting more than one, I’d get a Digitakt + one of the other ones. Neither Syntakt nor Digitone work with samples.

Also, if I were getting just one, I’d likely start with the Syntakt. I don’t have one or anticipate getting one though. I’m happy with my current Elektron boxes. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this, I’ll report back when i figure it out/purchase it soon!

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Cost wise, you’ll find the Digitone cheapest used. It’s a solid starting place too, as it has 8 voices and a wide range - everything from drums to real chords and drones.

I’d then add the Digitakt.

People have written whole albums on that combo. Used, you can get them both for £900 if you’re patient.

Add the Syntakt if you feel you’re missing anything?

Well, I started with DN. It’s still my most loved Elektron. It can do anything from drums to polyphonic, evolving pads. Only four tracks though - for sketching out stuff without using a DAW/recorder/other gear, you have to use sound locks for drums.

Adding a DT next if you’re tired of working with only one track for drums is a great evolution. Also did that.

But if I would start out now, I would probably go for a Syntakt. It is kind of a best of Elektron machine. With its 12 tracks, it can get you very far. Biggest limitation maybe is that it’s mono (although there‘s workarounds). And it doesn’t have an arp. So if pads, arps and samples are important to your music, you might start with DN.

Concerning combo of two, there’s also no definitive right or wrong answer. It really depends on what kind of music you want to make and what features are important to you. If you only just start out and don’t know about that, maybe get a second hand Syntakt and see if anything is missing.

If you don’t like the sampling workflow, or are planning on going hybrid with a computer, syntakt is my pick.

I have a syntakt and a digitone in a hybrid setup fwiw.