Help me find my wife a new computer keyboard

My wife wants a new keyboard for her work computer. She doesn’t do anything particularly exciting with it, just the usual admin/office shit, but she’s at it all day every day, and her bog standard one is pissing her off.

She wants something quiet first and foremost, but also something ergonomic, she doesn’t want anything too clicky and fatiguing, essentially.

But as I’m a miserable luddite I’ve no idea what to suggest.

Anyone wanna help me earn a few brownie points?


OT mk1 or 2? mk2 is less confusing

Got a few keyboards here …but no wife: If anybody could help me find a wife, that‘d be great too


Stealth edit killed your joke


Ill keep you posted when shes available






Good start, but she’s just looked at one on the YouTube and said she thinks it’s too noisy.

Ergonomics definitely less important than noise.

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She’s in a meeting now but that looks like a good one, very quiet.

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This will be the quietest, not much tactile feedback mind:

Edit: May or may not be poor at responding positively to people named ‘Dave’.


I can give you advice depending on how ergonomic you want it to be. But if you want silent and tactility you should get cherry mx brown silents. If not membrane.Feel great and silent :+1:. My current ergo rig is a moon lander

But it’s a bit intense for most :ok_hand:. It’s using gazzew boba ut 44 switches.

For one of the best no frills typing experience I’d recommend this
Hybrid Type-S - Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) Amazing feel and silent.

A split alternative which is ergo with cool modules to add on.

But honestly if you don’t want to delve too far into keep world that Microsoft one Is fantastic.

An idea might be if you haven’t already is to make everything else more ergonomic and then use a standard keyboard. If you want a truly ergo board with great feel , you will have to spend good money on it unfortunately. At least it’s not synth money :pray:


I would go for a mechanical keyboard with brown or red switches (the red switches are the same as digitakt/digitone).

The keychron keyboards are good and not to expensive. Otherwise the one that I love is the whitefox (WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard — Kono Store).
You can find more options on

The AJAZZ ( is also a good choice.



In order to avoid fatigue on a mechanical keyboard, you need to stop pressing before the key bottoms out. Red switches are truly silent, but the only feedback they give is the position of the key. I’m a lazy typist, so my fingers tend to bottom out on my red switch keyboard. Browns have a bump that is easy to feel and makes some noise, but isn’t as loud as the more clicky switches.

Layout is also worth considering. I like 101-style keyboards when I’m doing spreadsheet work or on the days that I attempt to learn Blender (which loves extra keys). TenKeyLess (TKL) keyboards are great for saving desk space, and there are even more compact layouts that might work. Pay close attention to the position of modifier keys, they can end up in strange places.

The budget (under $60) mechanical keyboards are great for trying out different switch types. I ended up going up in price slightly to get low-profile switches. If you want custom keycaps, layouts, or a custom mix of switches you can spend a few hundred dollars on parts and assemble your own.


Ergonomic AND quiet…

Logitech MX Ergo Trackman plus Logitech ERGO K860 keyboard.


Thanks all, I’ll get hunting through all this after dinner.

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So, I’m curious and have to ask… Brand new Tracker… Talk about keyboard noise… Coincidence? I don’t think so, pal. :wink:

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Fucking hipster.


some of the keyboards i’ve ever used and not expensive.


i use the microsoft designer bluetooth desktop keyboard.

  • bluetooth, stable connection
  • powered by 2 AAA batteries, lasts a long time(running on eneloop recharchables)
  • feels good to type on, not too clicky.


  • FN key is where the CTRL key normally is.
  • not the cheapest.
  • seems to often come bundled with the designer mouse, which i can’t recommend.
    the mouse is just to flat and small, lacks extra side buttons, looses connection sometimes.