Help me please , problem A4 ( solved )

Hi everyone ,
i’ve got a problem with my A4 , to learn the synthesis , i take a patch A4 all ready done ( here the patch " snare arm " ) and i try to reproduce them on a other tracks .
I copy EXACTLY the same preset but at the end the sound was not the same , i should have a pretty snare , but i have a little noize with very very very low volume .
i try with other patch and the result is never same than the sound .
I don’t understand what i did wrong , do you think that my A4 have got a probleme or i do something wrong ?

Have you checked the AMP settings?

Have you checked the NOISE on OSC 1?

Do you have an lfo doing something?

Have you selected the same sound from the pool? Or copy and pasted from one track to another?


THANK YOU !! it was the noise on OCS 1 :sweat_smile:
I thought that i had looked all the parameters but i forgot to look this one
sorry for my stupid question , and thanks again for your quick reply :smiley:


Haha mate no need to thank me. They are pretty simple machines, BUT you have to get your head around them first.

When I first got my analog 4, I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to Latch the arp- but when I was shown it made perfect sense

Have fun :slight_smile:

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Yes the machines are not really complicated , i’m learning to use it , i learn mostly the substractive synthesis :smiley:
by the way talking about the ARP , could you explain me quickly how to use the differents MOD ( TRU , UP , DWN , CYC , SHF , RND , PLY ) ? And in wich situation ? it’s interresting me and i don’t understand everything :confused:

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Depends on what you want to do really.

So those are shorthand for the various ARP types, for instance RND is random.

So if you hold down four notes, it will repeat them over and over, but in a random order.

SPD controls the speed of the notes being played - 16 gives one note per step.

RNG controls the octave range of the notes being played.

Holding down the notes is a drag, so goto NOTE and set LEN to INF. Those notes will play on and on till you stop the sequencer.

The ARP doesn’t send midi btw.

Hope that makes sense


Ok ! :slight_smile: thanks to you i understand a little bit more the parameters , thanks for your information :smiley:

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