Help with mackie 1604 VLZ4 mixer i/o angle

Hi there,
I have a Mackie 1604 VLZ4 mixer which i would like to change the angle so i can switch the i/o 's immediately without crawling behind the rack all the time.

Its now positioned as in the image above and would like it to be as the lower image with the i/o’s above the knobs. Sorry if this is kind of dumb but im not that technical maybe you guys have some links where this is explained.

Thank you

Edit: I’m dumb, didn’t realise the rotating was a built in feature! Go Mackie!

Im sure mackies can be rotated like you want. Is it not in the manual?

There is a device called rotopod by mackie that may be what you need.

that‘s funny,
got the same thing :joy:

you have those mounting parts?
me not …

i got it placed to reach the patchpay from above, it‘s posibble to place it loose, but take care of the flat wire!!!
you can pull it a bit outside…
aslong everything stands on it‘s place ok,
no portable solution!

Seems Rotopod is the solution for turning the i/o’s to the front panel. but costs 120 euro’s…
maybe i have to train my crawling skills and save the money.

Manual only shows these drawings not how to do it.

sounds like something can go wrong with accidental touching of the wire’s. A bit scary xD