Help with MPC live

Hello I am trying to run audio

Octatrack into MPC

MPC into Octatrack

and then headphones out from the mpc into mixer so I can listen to everything on my speakers. I am not sure what the settings should be on the devices. I am thinking it should be thru machine on the OT and then my output is set to input 3 and I am not getting any sound to my mixer. I also have a record player in to MPC. I am trying to use the MPC live and OT to add effects to the audio from the record player. Any help is greatly appreciated. This is more of a hobby and I still have a lot to learn.

Welcome, I may be able to help. I’m trying to understand your setup. In the picture of the mpc you have out 3/4 set, if you want to hear everything through the headphone out you will have to set at least the final input of sound in on mpc to main outs

If your going into a mixer maybe just use the main outs anyway

You also seem to be cabled for mono, you can select just input 1 and input 2 separately. Try using two audio tracks - input two *turntable to output 3 * to octa then thru machine set fx and back into a second audio track on mpc set to input 1 * from octa and output to main outs

You don’t need rec armed unless you are recording and make sure you toggle the monitoring on both audio tracks - it looks like you got that right

Take this one step at a time and you’ll get it. Just follow the signal chain and test at each part to make sure you are receiving audio

Depending on you ideas for this setup it may be easier to go turntable into OT into mpc in one straight chain, or change the order if you want the fx in a different order. And maybe run in stereo since this is all stereo capable

One more nice thing if you don’t already know that I have used and it works like a charm

  • usb from OT into mpc-
    Set OT to file transfer mode
    Mpc will read it and you can move samples from either device back and forth

So sample and chop, effect, resample, etc on mpc then move to OT, load it up to mess with there

This setup is nice, maybe a little tricky to get everything hooked up like you are wanting if your new but it shouldn’t be too bad. Two very powerfull samplers that play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses quite well

Good luck :+1:

Like @1-2 said follow the signal chain.
Plug ur reloop turntable into the mpc. Test you can hear the turntable through the mpc.
If so, plug the mpc into the OT. Test, can you hear the OT, if yes yay, if no then we know the issue is with the OT.

The way you have it set up now, mpc into OT, OT back into MPC may cause a feedback loop. Choose one signal path for now reloop > mpc > OT > monitors OR reloop > OT > Mpc > monitors.

Also how are you converting ur turntable from rca to quarter inch? You have a preamp in the chain? If not then ur best choice is plug the rcas and ground wire from the reloop into the mpc. Hope this makes sense.

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It is possible to send sound from the input out and back in without a feedback loop if you use separate outs, but it would be a lot simpler to go one device to the next unless you have a specific reason for setting it up this way- plus you can run everything in stereo

Line/phono is a switch on the mpc, so you need a built in or internal preamp to run the turntable line level with another device in like you have it

I’m pretty sure a big peice of this puzzle is running mono into stereo because in the first picture you have two signal inputs showing but in the next two pictures only input A on OT and R channel on mpc are getting signal. Sort this out by changing in and outs on mpc to mono on the correct ins and outs and you should be there

You’re clearly getting signal so you are close but need a separate mono input set to a main out on the mpc to hear everything in this scenario

if you are running a record player in, you need to have the input switched to phono instead of line and this will override any line inputs you have active. and vice-versa, for the OT, it needs to be set to line on the MPC’s input which will override the turntable. so you can’t have a turntable and OT playing at the same time into the MPC, it’s one or the other depending on what the input switch is set to. When I had an OT I used it in a very similar way with my MPC live. I ran the 3/4 out of the MPC into the OT and had the OT’s mains going back into my MPC. That way I could easily send audio from MPC to OT to sample and then could capture stuff I made on OT into the MPC. I always had my turntable going into the MPC’s phono-ins but since I wasn’t always sampling records I could turn this on when needed.