Help with sound import

Press [FUNC] + [PATTERN] to open the IMPORT/EXPORT menu. The SOUND MANAGER is used to manage sounds, for example import, export, rename, and tag sounds. Select MANAGE SOUNDS and press [YES] to open the SOUND MANAGER. Sounds can be saved, loaded, renamed, tagged et cetera. Opening this menu will show a list of all sounds found in the +Drive Sound library. Turn the LEVEL knob or press [UP]/[DOWN] to scroll through the list. Press the [TRIG] key of the active track to preview the sound.

EDIT: Replace “sample” with “sound” where applicable. I am interested in placing/tagging Sounds into the 8 banks

I don’t get it. I don’t know how to import samples into the 8 x 256 samples slots and tag them.
I can move inside all the functions, import samples into project etc.
I have imported about 12 folders named by type of samples, ( about 1700), but the [function + data] only shows 64 like in manual.
Yet the manual says I can see all the samples in +Drive SL. I only see the default 64 sounds, tagged arranged.
How do I import and tag them?

And, another question… is there a way to make a kit of ~XX samples save it with a name and switch kits easily?


hint: a sound is not the same thing as a sample. go back in the manual and re-read section 5.2 (DATA STRUCTURE) on page 14. that should help with your other question as well.

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I went through that yesterday and I’ll give you that, it’s def not clear in the manual.

They’re located in settings > samples, check section 15.2 SAMPLES in the manual.

Thanks to you all.

Ok, I figured it out, but unless I’m doing something wrong this is a time consuming torture to import…(is anyone actually doing it and why?)

The workflow:
1-I put a SOUND on a trig.
2-Open the Manager/Manage Sounds and Scroll to A:068 where I want to import sound.
3-click on > to enter and select Export to here.
4-rename and then Tag the sound. (Name is not copied)

Is this really done this way?
Edited the names sound vs. sample

For starters, a sample is not the same as a sound. So there’s no “whatever you call it”, they are two very different things in digitakt.
You’re also confusing importing and exporting.

Importing samples from pc to digitakt is done via an application.
Adding a sample or samples to your project is done via the sample browser: settings - > samples. You can also select a sample slot of a track on the src page. Scroll to the sample slot and press ‘yes’. You can now browse to a sample you want to to add to that sample slot.

Then there’s sounds. A sound contains all track settings (filter lfo amp etc.) plus a sample. You can export a sound by pressing the ‘patterns’ button, next to the settings button, and select import/export. Then export the sound into one of 2048 slots. You can select one of 8 banks to jump to that sound bank when you are in that list.

To import a sound onto a track, simply press the level encoder and select a sound.

It’s really not that time consuming when you get the hang of it. Managing sounds and samples is always a process, even in a DAW environment.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


It’s never gonna make proper sense until you let you brain click into the fact that sounds and samples are two different things. For instance there are limits in the the number of sounds you can create but you can throw as many samples as you want in the +drive.
To make things easy for me I think of a sound as a patch that has a sample as the main component, the sound bank is then a large kit of patches

I got that part, the difference between the two… I was kind of kidding sarcastically, sorry :neutral_face: didn’t mean to, was just a frustrated joke…after I spent half an hour on importing four samples…:sweat: tags and all.
That part about the difference is simple.

A Sound contains:
• A sample (linked from the +Drive), plus the SRC, FLTR, AMP, and LFO PARAMETER pages settings for the audio track.
A Sample contains:
• A 16 bit, 48 kHz, mono audio file.

I just could not believe it takes such a long time and so many steps. Can you imagine importing a sample at a time into +Drive?
Isn’t it what the Overbridge is supposed to facilitate?

Now related question: is the tagging and import necessary? I got about 20 folders, with around 1700 samples that I know and can navigate them fairly easily.

What is the advantage of importing sounds into library?

I had my DT for a couple of weeks and have been concentrating on the sound functions. Anyway, fantastic machine :slight_smile:

you wouldn’t port a sample at a time as the elektron transfer app works perfectly fine for transferring samples to the digitakt. saving a sound is useful for transferring sounds across patterns. Sounds also save in their own place separate from samples. Sound bank is limited to 2048 sounds, samples are limited to the space on the +drive (1gb).
still seems like you arent getting the difference between the two.

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You don’t need to save each sound… Only th ones you want to re-use with all track page settings included.

Again: samples you import from your pc via a transfer app. You can load hundreds at a time if you want. Those are samples saved to +drive NOT sounds.

Exporting<— a sound (an audio track with a sample and all its settings but without the sequence) is really not that time consuming and only needs to be done if you want to re use that sound in another project.

You can copy a sound by selecting the audio track and then TRK+Copy, now you can select an audio track in a different pattern and hit TRK+Paste to paste that sound.

My advise would be to start reading the manual from the beginning (again) as you are still confusing some things and missing a lot of nifty workflow options.

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