Hissing on track 2

So has anyone experienced a hissing sound on any of the their audio track on their A4? I have an audible hissing sound on track 2. It seems to be coming from Filter 2, as nothing upstream from it seems to effect the sound. I can have the noise source set to zero, both osc turned off and the hissing is still present. It is audible once I take the resonance up from 0. It seems to appear on any loaded sound, I do not have any performance knobs set up so it is not that. I do not notice this hissing on any of the other three tracks.

Searching though past posts I see this is not a common problem…

Sounds like a hardware defect. Better contact support.

Sounds bad. Get backed up, then it won’t do any harm if you reload OS, although very unlikely to help. You could also calibrate again, I know it says not to in the manual, but i did and it doesn’t strike me that it’s been detrimental since, yhbw. Worth a try whilst you wait perhaps

sigh. i was afraid of that…

Submitted the problem last week to Elektron. Have not heard back. I am a little surprised. They have been much faster to get ahold me in the past.

i find that you mileage may very pretty wildy with HQ support responses. sometimes very fast, other times slow, occationally nothing!
they’re always pretty good when they do respond, though.