Hot Science - Tie Dyed Grin - *mostly Digitakt album*

Nauts! I’m just finishing up an album made primarily with the amazing Digitakt! All tracks recorded direct from the DT into Ableton, then I layered some OP-1 synthy and samply goodness over the top. The album is EDIT Out now!.. here’s the first taste/title track. Thanks for listening!


Those outro… farts… sound really nice!

Very cool track

Edit: on a repeat listen I’d like to retract the ‘farts’ comparison and switch it to ‘digital duck quacks’ (around 1:55)

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I’m down with farts :rofl:

Thank you!

Morning bump :grin:

Full album now available :smiley:


Bumping this, because I have 5 cheat codes to give away! Comment if you want one!